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Ozona Organics Recalls Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

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  • Company Announcement Date: August 1, 2023
  • Product Type: Animal & Veterinary
  • Reason for Announcement: Potential foodborne illness
  • Company Name: Ozona Organics, LLC
  • Brand Name: Ozona, Go Healthy
  • Product Description: Liquid probiotics for cats, dogs, swine, and equine

Ozona, Texas — Ozona Organics, LLC is recalling a wide array of probiotic products for humans and animals, including probiotics for dogs and cats, due to concerns over the risk of potential contamination.

The company announced the voluntary recall on Tuesday, saying the “high water activity” in the formulas intended for human use could potentially cause harmful microbial growth. In their untainted form, probiotic supplements are designed to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria in both pets and people.

Although no illnesses have been reported to date in connection with these concerns, the company is recalling all Ozona Organics Dog, Cat, Equine, and Swine Probiotics in their entirety, as well as certain lot numbers of probiotic formulas developed for human use.

Recalled Ozona Organics probiotics for animals

The recall applies to all Ozona Organics Dog, Cat, Equine, and Swine Probiotics distributed between August 2021 and July 2023 through the company’s website, www.ozonaorganics.com.

Ozona Organics Probiotics for Dogs and Probiotics for Cats come in 4-ounce, blue glass bottles with droppers. Ozona Organics Probiotics for Equine and Probiotics for Swine come in 1-gallon, white plastic bottles with handles.

Recalled Ozona Organics probiotics for humans

The company is also recalling certain lot numbers of Ozona Probiotics for Digestive Health, also labeled as GoHealthy Probiotics, in formulas developed for humans aged infant to adult.

The company urges consumers who have purchased the recalled probiotics to stop taking them and dispose them instead.

Contact Ozona Organics, LLC with any questions at (325) 203-4026 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm CT, Monday-Friday.

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