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GreatPetCare at Your Fingertips

An online care experience designed to help you manage your pet’s health and happiness in one place.

GreatPetCare makes it easier to:

  • Connect with your local veterinarian during account signup to order your approved prescriptions, schedule appointments, and view care plans.*
  • Set custom medication reminders so you never miss a dose.
  • Upload and easily share your pet’s medical records.
  • Access other great features like a pet weight tracker, pet product recall alerts, and more!

Manage your best friend’s care

Manage Medical Records

Upload and share records all in one place and take them with you wherever you go. You can use them as proof of vaccination with groomers, hotels, and more.


Set up recurring reminders for anything from flea and tick medication to maintaining a dental cleaning or grooming schedule.

Pet Product Recalls

Set up recall alerts for your pets’ foods, and we’ll let you know when a recall is published.

Track Pet Health Events

Keep a timeline of your pet’s weight fluctuations or other health events (like changes in stool) so you can easily discuss your pet’s health history with your veterinarian.

*Assumes the veterinary practice is using Covetrus® Prescription Management, Rapport®, and Care Plans, respectively