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35 Harry Potter Dog Names for Your Magical Mutt

Dog dressed like a wizard
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Whether your dog is a muggle or a full-blown wizard, Harry Potter dog names are a surefire way to put a spell on everyone your pup meets. 

The famous book and movie franchise remains a source of endless wonder for kids and adults alike. And there are plenty of distinct characters, creatures, and places that can serve as your dog’s magical moniker. 

So ready your wands and get out the sorting hat—here are the best Harry Potter dog names for your canine companion. 

Our Favorite Harry Potter Dog Names

These dog names inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies fly to the top of the class on our list. 

Hedwig: You can’t ask for a more loyal companion than Harry’s beloved snowy owl, Hedwig. A gift from Hagrid, this bird had Harry’s back as much as Hermione and Ron did. She even sacrificed his life to save Harry. For loyal, loving dogs, we think Hedwig is the perfect name.

Albus: It wouldn’t be a Harry Potter name list without a reference to the Hogwarts headmaster who protected Harry and the gang until he lost his life. Dumbledore was kind, caring, and wise beyond his 116 years. We love this name for a stately, senior pup who still has a lot of spunk. 

Granger: If you are a big fan of Hermione’s smarts and skills, but don’t want to name your dog something so “on-the-nose” we like the name Granger for intelligent and cunning canines. It’s an homage to Harry Potter without being so obvious, and we definitely dig it. 

Ollivander: A visit to Ollivander’s wand shop is something that every Hogwarts student needed to do before attending wizarding school. And Ollivander had an uncanny knack for matching students with their perfect wands. He was an incredibly important character and we love the idea of giving your wise dog this fitting name.  

Dervish: Okay, this one might be a bit of an outlier, but Dervish and Banges is a magical equipment store in Diagon Alley. It doesn’t play a huge role in the books or the movies, but we adore the name Dervish for an active, highly energetic dog. How adorable! 

Girl Harry Potter Dog Names

Greyhound in witch hat

If you have a little four-legged witch on your hands, one of the following Harry Potter names for girl dogs will have you falling head over heels faster than Lavender Brown’s love potion. 

Luna: There’s no denying the quirky appeal of Luna Lovegood, who became a key character later in the Harry Potter series. She’s spiritual, spunky, and a little aloof. What we love most about Luna is that she stays true to herself, no matter what anyone thinks of her. We think it’s the perfect name for a sprightly female dog. 

Fleur: We meet Fleur Delacour during the Tri-Wizard Tournament and she quickly becomes the epitome of grace and beauty in the books and movies. This is a fitting moniker for French dog breeds like Beaucerons or Bichon Frises who have a plenty of style and smarts. 

Ginny: Ginny may be the baby of the Weasley family, but she grows up to become a fierce and fiery fighter of the dark arts—and Harry’s love interest. Ginny is brave, independent, and gutsy. She’s a phenomenal witch and compliments Harry as an equal by the end of the series. This is a great naming option for red-hued dogs with spunky personalities. 

Myrtle: Moaning Myrtle is one of the most memorable characters in the Harry Potter universe. She’s a ghost that haunts one of the women’s restrooms at Hogwarts and she has several run-ins with Harry, Hermione, and Ron throughout the years. Despite her somewhat sour attitude, Myrtle is a huge help to the gang on multiple occasions. It’s a fitting name for a dog who likes to whine, but is truly the best at heart. 

Lily: Although Harry’s mother never appears alive in any of the books or films, her presence is felt throughout the entire series. She is the symbol of pure love, since her sacrifice protected Harry from Voldermort’s murderous spell. This is a name reserved for the most loyal and loving female dog. 

Other Girl Harry Potter Dog Names

  • Molly
  • Minerva
  • Rowena
  • Lavender 
  • Rita
  • Nymphadora
  • Bellatrix
  • Ariana
  • Sybill
  • Puddifoot

Harry Potter Male Dog Names

Dog dressed like Harry Potter

If you want to name your male dog after a character in this magical world, these Harry Potter-themed dog names are sure to fit any tail-wagging wizard.

James: Not only was Harry’s father named James, but this also happens to be Harry’s middle name. At first, James Potter is portrayed as a clever and talented wizard with an arrogant personality—especially in his dealings with Severus Snape. But over time he becomes a devoted husband to Lily and a formidable fighter against the Death Eaters. We think this is a fitting name for playful, clever pups who have a bit of a stubborn streak. 

Dobby: Although he spent most of his life as an enslaved house elf, Dobby quickly learned what it meant to be free after Harry Potter tricked Lucious Malfoy into gifting Dobby a sock. While Dobby’s antics weren’t always helpful or practical, he did become one of Harry’s most trustworthy and dedicated companions. We love this name for a former shelter dog who has come to appreciate love and freedom through adoption. 

Hagrid: He’s an unforgettable Harry Potter character who helps Harry, Ron, and Hermione on numerous occasions. While he might be a giant and give off a brooding vibe, Rubeus Hagrid has a charming personality and is portrayed as one of the kindest, bighearted characters in the series. This is a great name for a big, fluffy dog who just wants all your love and attention. 

Godric: While never seen in the movies, Godric Gryffindor is the founder of Hogwarts who fought valiantly against Muggle discrimination. His namesake also adorns the town where Lily and James Potter lived—Godric’s Hollow. This place serves a special purpose in the books and movies. So if you want to name your dog after the man who started it all, this is the right choice! 

Horace: Horace Slughorn is a character that bounces back and forth between like and dislike throughout the series. He has a penchant for attaching himself to famous witches and wizards and takes a keen interest in Harry when he returns to Hogwarts. Although Horace is often portrayed as a bit of a coward, he ultimately shows bravery by recruiting reinforcements to help fight against Voldermort in the Battle of Hogwarts. Plus—a dog named Horace? Does it get any better? 

More Harry Potter Male Dog Names

  • Sirius
  • Ronald
  • Cedric
  • Remus
  • Gringott
  • Neville
  • Oliver
  • Argus
  • Seamus
  • Alastor
  • Padfoot