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10 Big Fluffy Dog Breeds You Can’t Help But Cuddle

Woman cuddling big fluffy dog
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All dogs are wonderful and snuggly, but there’s something extra special about big, fluffy dog breeds. While these dogs’ cuddliness must be acknowledged, one must also note that all that fur has a purpose beyond a “cute” factor. 

Dr. Jerry Klein, an emergency and critical care veterinarian with more than 35 years experience and chief veterinary officer of the American Kennel Club (AKC), explains that big dog breeds known for their fluffiness were no accident—they were bred that way to perform certain tasks and excel in specific environments. 

“When we’re talking about standard dog breeds, their physical attributes—like fur length and texture—aren’t arbitrary,” he says. “Those attributes are based on the function that those breeds were bred to have. Almost all of the big fluffy breeds were, at one time, working breeds.”

What Makes a Dog Fluffy?

Before we dive into the specific breeds, it’s worth covering what makes a dog fluffy. Heather Cameron, a certified dog groomer and owner of Good Dog Grooming in Glen Gardner, New Jersey, says that the fluffiest dog breeds have a double coat. “That means that their fur has two layers; an outer layer and an undercoat,” she explains.  

It’s the combination of the two that make fluffy dogs so fluffy.

Klein adds that the undercoat helps insulate dogs from cold and wet weather, which is especially important when a dog was bred for a certain kind of work.

10 Big Fluffy Dog Breeds

Ready to be overwhelmed by fluff? Here are 10 big, fully dog breeds you should know.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute in woods

Alaskan Malamutes have “big, dense coats that are very, very thick to protect them from the extremely cold elements in Arctic climates,” Klein describes. 

These dogs are one of the oldest Arctic sled breeds and were bred to help transport goods over long distances.Alaskan Malamutes are typically a combination of white and either gray, black, or sable (brown or tan fur with black). They have white faces and big fluffy tails. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog smiling in field

While Bernese Mountain Dogs aren’t quite as furry as Alaskan Malamutes, they have a similar fur texture. “They’re from Switzerland, so they had to be accustomed to cold climates,” Klein explains. These dogs have a distinctive black, brown, and white coat and they shed a lot

Bernese dogs should be brushed weekly most of the years, but during shedding season they should be brushed daily to keep their coats looking great. 

Chow Chow

Chow Chow dog outside

Though they aren’t the biggest dogs on this list, Chow Chows boasts an impressive amount of super-cuddly fur. 

One of the oldest dog breeds, Chow Chows originated in China and are known for the immense “lion’s-mane” ruff that goes around their head and shoulders.Chow Chows can have black, gray, brown, white, or red fur. They should be brushed at least twice a week and the wrinkles in their faces have to be cleaned regularly.


Collie dog running outside

While Collies are on the smaller side of big fluffy dogs, they may be among the fluffiest, so we’re including them in this list. Collies should be brushed regularly to prevent matting.

“Collie fur is a little dryer than most fluffy dogs because of the terrain they were bred to function in,” Klein says. While most people picture collies as tan and white, they come in a variety of color combinations.

Great Pyrenees

Close up of Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees dogs are big, fluffy fellows with long white fur. They were first bred hundreds of years ago in the Pyrenees Mountains to protect sheep.Their coats are tangle-resistant, but still require diligence from pet parents.As with other fluffy dog breeds, regular brushing will help keep shedding under control. 


Leonberger dog in landscape

Leonbergers are enormous dogs that can weigh up to 170 pounds.While they may look imposing, they’re generally sweet dogs and make good family pets. 

They are not low-maintenance, though. Leonberger dogs should be brushed every day, and benefit from a more thorough grooming at least once per week.These guys shed a lot, but daily brushing should help control the amount of fur left around the house.


Newfoundland dog outdoors

Black and white and furry all over, Newfoundland dogs were bred to be water rescue dogs. “The Newfoundland was basically meant to go in cold water and rescue people. They were often kept on boats,” explains Klein. “Their fur has a more water-resistant texture than other dogs and is a little oiler to better repel water,” 

Like most of the other dogs on this list, Newfoundlands should be brushed at least once a week.

Old English Sheepdog

Smiling Old English Sheepdog

These gray and white living balls of fluff are known for their easy-going nature.They are also one of the only double-coated dogs that may get trimmed at the groomer. “You almost never trim a double-coated dog,” Cameron says. “But we make an exception for Old English Sheepdogs. Otherwise, their fur would get out of control.” 

Between professional grooming sessions, pet parents should brush out Old English Sheepdogs on a weekly basis.


Samoyed dog standing on rock

Samoyeds originated in Siberia, so a thick, warm coat was essential to their survival. Klein notes that Samoyeds have a similar coat to the Alaskan Malamute—a course and thick outer coat protecting a soft, wooly undercoat. Samoyeds are typically light-colored and also require daily brushing.

Tibetan Mastiff

Large Tibetan Mastiff outdoors

The Tibetan Mastiff breed is so old that no one really knows when it actually originated.They do know where it originated, though: The Himalayas. 

“Some of the most difficult weather in the world is in the Himalayas,” Klein notes. “These very imposing guard dogs had to have a lot of fur to be able to weather that climate.” 

Tibetan Mastiffs have a wooly undercoat and their fur is actually pretty easy to maintain. They should be brushed out once a week and pet parents should untangle any knots they find.

How to Care for Your Big Fluffy Dog

Groomer with Bernese Mountain Dog

Caring for a large dog with a whole lot of fur can be challenging, and people who are looking to bring a big fluffy dog into their homes should be sure they understand the care requirements of one of these cuddly beasts before taking the plunge.

Grooming Necessities

First and foremost, big fluffy dog parents must commit to regularly grooming their dogs—and that doesn’t mean a cursory, two-minute brushing once a month. “Many people don’t brush their dogs thoroughly enough, which means when it’s time for the dog to get groomed, things are usually much worse than they look,” Cameron says. “The top layer looks nice, but there’s sometimes more than two inches of fur that didn’t get brushed, and that can lead to mats, hotspots, and other skin and fur problems.” 

Mats in particular can be an issue for big fluffy dogs. They occur when fur becomes so knotted that it starts to pull on the dog’s skin. Klein says that if a fluffy dog has a mat, do not cut it with scissors; the risk of cutting your dog is too great. “You should gently work the mat apart with your fingers and be sure to brush it out completely,” he recommends.

When bathing a large dog with lots of fur, Klein also says that pet parents should be sure to rinse away all of the shampoo. “Rinsing a dog off should take longer than shampooing,” he says. “Shampoo that isn’t rinsed away can cause dry, flaky skin.”

Nutritional Needs

Beyond grooming, large fluffy dogs need to eat a solid diet to keep their skin and fur healthy. According to Klein, this shouldn’t be an issue if you feed your dog a high-quality dog food. 

“I think that these days, quality pet food manufacturers work really hard to include the right amount of nutrients,” he says. “However, if a large breed dog with lots of fur is on a low-quality diet, that could cause issues and you may need to supplement.”

Love and Cuddles

Above all else, pet parents should be prepared to shower their pup with love. “There’s a reason that big, fluffy dog breeds are so popular,” Klein says. “They are usually wonderful companions and the amount of joy they bring counteracts any excessive hair that you may have in your home. There’s just nothing better than snuggling up with them on a cold night.”

Best Products for Fluffy Dog Coats

All featured products were chosen at the discretion of the Great Pet Care editorial team and not directly recommended or endorsed by the author of this article. Great Pet Care may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Big fluffy dog breeds require extra care and attention to their coat and skin. Since many fluffy dog breeds tend to have double coats, they require regular shampooing and brushing. When a fluffy dog’s coat isn’t cared for regularly, mats can form. Keep skin looking good, the coat shining bright, and stop mats in their tracks with our curated list of fluffy dog products.

Best Soap-Free Shampoo for Big Fluffy Dog Breeds

Our pick: Great Coat Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo For Dogs

Great Coat Dog Shampoo

Big furry dogs are the perfect targets for dry skin, but overbathing your fluffy pal can cause dryness, itching, and dandruff. By using a soap-free, detergent-free dog shampoo like Great Coat, you won’t strip your dog’s coat of oils. Thanks to the infusion of oatmeal and aloe vera, your pup receives a soothing, cleansing bath that is good for her skin.


  • Moisturizing pH-balanced formula soothes and moisturizes with every bath
  • Hypoallergenic formula is ideal for fluffy dogs in between grooming appointments
  • Made in America with nano-encapsulated vitamins
  • Soap-free formula can be used regularly without stripping the coat
  • Contains emollients to restore moisture to the skin
  • Smells fresh and tropical, like a piña colada

Things to Consider 

  • Shampoo should be worked up into a rich lather all over the dog
  • The product must remain on the dog’s coat for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.
  • Only available in 16-ounce bottle at this time

Best Undercoat Rake for Large Fluffy Dog Breeds

Our pick: Safari Double Row Undercoat Rake

Safari double row dog grooming rake

With all that hair, tangles of fur can become a mass of snarls known as mats. When those dense, tangled clumps of fur build up, they can be painful for dogs. Pet parents may try to pull or untangle the mats, which leads to pain and irritation of the dog’s skin. Keep mats at bay by removing dead hair early and often. A solid grooming tool can help keep fur smooth and clean while helping the dog shed her undercoat. You always want to deal with mats and tangles the moment they appear.


  • Double row of precision-tapered pins help prevent matting on thick coats
  • Helps maintain a thick, dense, healthy coat by removing tangles and mats
  • May help reduce shedding on floors, furniture, car seats, and more
  • Round, rotating pins gently and deeply penetrate the undercoat 
  • Dense undercoats don’t stand a chance against the double row of dual-length pins
  • Ideal for daily use to keep coat healthy and free of mats

Things to Consider

  • Introduce the rake slowly to dogs who are unaccustomed to being brushed 
  • Rake is available in one size, 6.25 inches long by 4.25 inches wide
  • Best used on fluffy and thick coat dogs; use single row rake on less fluffy dogs

Best Grooming Wipes For Fluffy Dog Breeds

Our pick: Great Clean Aloe & Oatmeal Cleansing Wipes for Dogs & Cats

Great Clean pet wipes

A lightly scented, durable, practical canister of cleansing wipes is a must-have in every fluffy dog parent’s supply closet and travel bag. More fur means more messes, muddy paws, dirty legs, and stinky odors. Why does it seem like big furry dogs find the most offensive things to walk through or roll in? Great Clean wipes are gentle enough for everyday use without drying the skin. These wipes make it easy to clean up the stink in a flash.


  • Aloe vera gel and oatmeal extract are infused in every wipe for sensitive skin
  • Ideal for large wrinkled fluffy dogs like Chow Chows and their smaller counterparts (i.e., Bulldogs and Shar-Peis)
  • These cleansing wipes are made specifically for pets
  • Portable for easy clean up on the go 
  • Simple, natural ingredients keep dogs smelling fresh 
  • Soothing and delicate to clean paws before your dog hops on the bed, couch, or car

Things to Consider

  • Available in one scent at this time, piña colada
  • Larger fluffy breeds may require more than one wipe per clean-up job
  • Ensure the canister is closed so the product does not dry out

Best Topical Spray for Fluffy Dog Hot Spots

Our pick: Zymox Enzymatic Topical Spray with Hydrocortisone 0.5%

Zymox topical hydrocortisone spray

One of the most common canine skin conditions seen in veterinary practices is hot spots. The bigger the dog, the more skin on which hot spots can appear. Most pet parents notice their fluffy dog has a hot spot after she repeatedly licks, chews, or scratches the same area. Relentless scratching and licking can lead to infection, but Zymox’s Enzymatic Topical Spray can help. The convenient size is easy to pop into your dog’s first aid kit or travel bag. 


  • Contains hydrocortisone for itch relief and inflammation 
  • Made in the USA with a patented, safe, enzymatic system
  • Easy spray bottle can be used once daily for one to two weeks
  • Non-toxic, gentle, and worry-free in the event your dog licks the application site 
  • No sting formula means dogs won’t put up a fuss when they see the spray bottle 
  • Contains no antibiotics and requires no pre-cleaning of the wound

Things to Consider

  • Bottle is only available in a 2-ounce size
  • The hot spot may be covered with a light bandage after application but not required
  • Do not use on pets with a known or suspected sensitivity to corticosteroids 

Best Shampoo For Big Fluffy White Coat Dogs

Our pick: Espree Bright White Dog Shampoo

Espree bright white shampoo

Anyone with a big fluffy white dog knows the fur can lose its luster and look stained or dirty without the right shampoo. A fluffy white dog’s coat can look yellowish and grimy without a whitening shampoo designed for them. Not all whitening shampoos are designed equal, but the Espree Bright White Dog Shampoo is made with organically grown aloe vera and plant-derived cleansers. As a bonus, it is gentle enough to use on a fluffy puppy’s thick coat. 


  • Cruelty-free and made in the USA
  • Formulated with an optical brightener to restore brilliance to fluffy white coats
  • Removes difficult stains, gray, and yellowing on the dog’s fur
  • Can be used full-strength or diluted with warm water for sensitive skin 
  • Infused with conditioners and organically-grown aloe vera juice
  • No need to follow up with a whitening conditioner

Things to Consider

  • If your dog uses a topical flea or tick treatment, follow bathing instructions on the treatment’s packaging
  • Leaves behind a floral fragrance
  • Recommended to leave on the dog’s coat for 3-5 minutes for best results 

Best Deodorizing Spritz For Fluffy Dogs

Our pick: Earthbath All-Natural 3-in-1 Vanilla Almond Deodorizing Spritz

Earthbath deodorizing dog spritz

For in-between baths or to detangle the coat, Earthbath’s all-natural vanilla spritz helps deodorize and moisture your dog’s coat. Shake and spray on your fluffy dog’s dry or wet coat until she is covered with a light mist. Massage into her coat and skin and then brush well from head to tail. The big three benefits include conditioning, deodorizing, and detangling your furry pooch with a blissful vanilla-almond scent. Safe enough to use on puppies over 6 weeks of age means you can start using this right away. 


  • Made with renewable plant-derived and coconut-based cleansers
  • Used by top groomers and veterinary hospitals
  • Gentle enough for daily use 
  • 100% biodegradable ingredients
  • Contains no parabens or phosphates
  • Vanilla and almond are food-grade extracts

Things to Consider

  • 8-ounce size may not last long on bigger, fluffier dogs
  • Some dogs or pet parents may not enjoy the aroma 
  • Do not use near eyes or on genital areas 

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