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55 Best Pokémon Cat Names for Your Feline Creature

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Pokémon is one of the world’s most beloved fantasy games. The Nintendo game originally debuted in Japan in February 1996, according to Britannica. And since then, it has exploded. From the iconic television show to the cult of Pokémon cards, it has continued to evolve. 

So if you are the new pet parent to a kitten and looking for the perfect Pokémon cat name for your newest family member, you came to the right place.

According to Dexerto, there are a total of 28 cat Pokémon in the Pokéverse. In total, there are 905 Pokémon (as of June 2022), per USA Today. So there are so many Pokémon characters and creatures to get Pokémon cat name inspiration from. 

Here are some of the best Pokémon names for cats. (And for a complete list of all the Pokémon names to ever exist, you can check out the official Pokédex.)

Best Pokémon Names for Cats

Starting your search for some good Pokémon names for cats? Here are some of the best.

Ash Ketchum: Ash may be the most famous trainer in the Pokeverse. After all, he is the main character and his journey towards becoming a Pokémon trainer is highlighted throughout the series. It’s a classic, strong name for any kitten.

Meowth: This list couldn’t be complete without Meowth, one of the original cat Pokémons. Meowth loves to collect shiny things, and if the same goes for your kitten, it’s a sweet name to choose.

Luxio: Luxio is another fantastic cat Pokémon. Powered by electricity, this Pokémon has plenty of energy–and if you kitten does also, it may be a fitting name.

Professor Oak: Professor Oak is a wise Pokémon professor who studies Pokémon in his lab. If you have a heart for science and recognize him from your introduction to the Pokémon game, it’s a fun ode.

Skitty: How cute is Skitty? This pink Pokémon has “the habit of becoming fascinated by moving objects and chasing them around” and often chases its own tail. This goofy creature may remind you of your own kitten.

Chloe Cerise: Chloe is a pretty name on its own, but if you are looking to name your cat after a female Pokémon trainer, Chloe Cerise is a great one. She may not be the warmest character in the Pokémon series and leans towards introversion, but she is smart and will open up to people with time. If that sounds like your kitten, you have a perfect match.

Pikachu: I mean, we had to! Right? Pikachu is one of the first Pokémon, and also the mascot for the franchise. Pikachu is also just so darn cute–with puffy cheeks that are “extra soft and super stretchy”. Sound like your kitty? You should choose this iconic Pokémon name.

Glameow: Does your kitty give off glam vibes? Glameow may be the perfect anime for your bougie kitty. Glameow “claws if displeased and purrs when affectionate,” and is known for being fickle.

Female Pokémon Cat Names

There are plenty of female Pokémon names for your baby feline. Here are 10 of the best female Pokémon cat names:

Cresselia: Cresselia has a unique look that sets it apart from other Pokémon thanks to its abstract characteristics and the shiny particles it releases. If your kitty is pretty like Cresselia, it may be the perfect name.

Smoochum: Smoochum has big lips and likes to stay clean and pristine. If your kitty is extra cuddly (and does lots of self-grooming), consider this Pokémon name.

Floette: Floette is a pretty and flowery Pokémon. She “raises flowers and uses them as weapons.” If your kitty sounds similar, maybe it’s the perfect name for her.

Latias: Latias is a very emotional Pokémon. She is “highly sensitive to the emotions of people.” If your kitty is too, name her after this sweet creature.

Vespiquen: Vespiquen is a queen bee that “skillfully commands its grubs in battles with its enemies.” If your kitty is a fighter, this is a fun name.

More Female Cat Pokémon Names

  • Blissey
  • Vullaby
  • Hatenne
  • Enamorous
  • Tsareena
  • Meleotta
  • Braixen
  • Vivillon
  • Aromatisse
  • Amaura

Male Pokémon Cat Names

It’s time to search for the perfect Pokémon name for your little guy. Here are 10 of the best male Pokémon cat names:

Grimmsnarl: Grimmsnarl has “hair wrapped around its body helping to enhance its muscles.” If your kitty has lots of hair (or muscles), he matches Grimmsnarl’s vibes.

Sawk: Sawk is a karate or self-defense master, and may be seen “training in the mountains in its single-minded pursuit of strength, it’s best to quietly pass by.” Have a strong Kitty? Go with Sawk.

Tornadus: Tornadus has a lower body that is “wrapped in a cloud of energy. It zooms through the sky at 200 mph.” Does your kitty move fast like a tornado? Tornadus is a fitting name.

Rufflet: Rufflet is an eagle-like Pokémon that “can’t resist challenging” stronger Pokémon to battle. “But if Rufflet loses, it starts bawling.” If your kitten is showing strong signs of being a fighter, Rufflet is a fitting name.

Terrakion: Terrakion will “mercilessly crush anyone or anything that bullies small Pokémon.” If your kitty seems similar, go with this strong name.

More Male Cat Pokémon Names

  • Thundurus
  • Tauros
  • Volbeat
  • Mothim
  • Nidoking
  • Hawlucha
  • Grubbin
  • Passimian
  • Golisopod
  • Buzzwole

Pokémon Cat Character Names

Girl with pink hair and cat

Looking to match your kitty’s name with a real cat Pokémon? Here are 5 Pokémon cat character names:

Litleo: The small but mighty Litleo Pokémon lives with pride and hunts on its own. It’s a great name for brave kitties.

Purrloin: Purrloin likes to “steals things from people just to amuse itself with their frustration.” If your kitty is mischievous like Purrloin, you have a good name option.

Espurr: Espurr has a blank stare and “devastating psychic power.” If you think your kitten also has dark power, go with Espurr.

Litten: Litten does not like affection, and “if you try too hard to get close to it, it won’t open up to you.” Does your kitty feel the same? It may be a Litten.

Delcatty: Delcatty “prefers to live an unfettered existence in which it can do as it pleases at its own pace.” If your kitty does what it wants, when it wants, Delcatty is a great name.

Black Cat Pokémon Names

There are also plenty of black Pokémon characters that will match your black kitten. Here are 5 of the best black cat Pokémon names:

Claydol: Claydol is a “mysterious Pokémon that started life as an ancient clay figurine made over 20,000 years ago.” If your kitten prefers to stay a mystery, go with this black cat name.

Blitzle: Blitzle is a zebra-like Pokémon that has black and white lightning stripes and can “catch lightning with its mane and store the electricity.” If your kitty is also striped or salt and peppered, it’s a great fit.

Yamask: Yamask “wanders through ruins by night, carrying a mask that’s said to have been the face it had when it was still human.” Is your kitty similarly sinister? Go with Yamask.

Gothita: Gothita has ‘goth’ right in the name, and has “psychic power stored in their ribbonlike feelers, and sometimes they use that power to fight.” A perfect fit for your black kitty.

Zekrom: Zekrom is a black Pokémon with good intentions who “can scorch the world with lightning. It assists those who want to build an ideal world.”

White Cat Pokémon Names

If your cat is white, cream, or just lighter in color, here are 5 of the best white Pokémon cat names:

Milcery: Milcery “was born from sweet-smelling particles in the air”, and its body is “made of cream.” A perfect name for any white or cream-colored cat.

Snom: Snom is a snow-colored Pokémon that disguises itself “as an icicle while it sleeps.” Perfect for icy-hued kittens.

Alcremie: Alrecmie is a cream-colored Pokémon that will “treat them to berries it’s decorated with cream.” If your kitty is sweet and light colored, it’s a fitting name.

Glastrier: Glastrier is a white stallion-looking Pokémon that “emits intense cold from its hooves.” If your kitty is handsome like Glastier, go with this name.

Phermosa: Phermosa is another white Pokémon that is “thin and supple, but it also possesses great power.” If your kitten has similar attributes, try this name out.

Main Image Editorial Credit: icosha / Shutterstock.com

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