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49 Popular Korean Cat Names and Meanings

Young Korean boy with kitten
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The word for cat in Korean is goyang-i (고양이). And if you have a new kitten and are looking to pay homage to Korea, Korean culture, or Korean food, you may be on the hunt for Korean cat names. 

We’ve done the research for you to help you name your kitty the perfect Korean cat name. Keep reading for more 49 Korean cat name ideas.

Best Korean Cat Names

Here are 11 of the best Korean cat names.

Mugunghwa (무궁화): If your kitty is pretty like a flower, this is a great name. Mugunghwa is the national flower of Korea, a pretty white flower (it can also be pink, red, purple or blue) with a red, pink or purple center.

Byeol (별): Love outer space? This is the Korean word for “star,” and if your kitten has an out-of-this-world personality, it’s the right one.

Gyeo-Wool (겨울): This is the Korean word for “winter.” If your kitten has a white hue, or you live in a northern climate, this snowy name is perfect for your kitty.

Bada (바다 ): If you and your kitten live near the sea, or just love the ocean, this is the Korean name for “ocean.” 

Maeun (매운): Is your kitten full of character? A fitting name may be “spicy,” which in Korean is Maeun.

Jollin (졸린): If your cat love to snooze, name him after the Korean word for sleepy, “Jollin.”

Sarang (사랑): This is the indigenous Korean word for “love,” a perfect name for any new kitten.

Haneul (하늘): Korean for “sky.” If your kitty has her head in the clouds, this might be the perfect monniker. 

Pyeonghwa (평화): Korean for “peace.” Forget cat fights…we’re happy to have share a peaceful home with our feline companions, and this name might just manifest the zen. 

9 Cute Korean Cat Names

Cat sitting in cat cafe in Korea

On the hunt for a super cute Korean cat name? Here are 9 to consider.

Chingu (친구): There’s nothing sweeter than a good friend, and this is the Korean word for “friend.” If your kitty is your best pal, consider this sweet name.

Aera ( 에라이): This is the Korean word for “love.” And your kitten has so much to give!

Binna (빛나): Does your kitten have a shining personality? Binna means “shine” in Korean, and comes from the Korean verb binnada (빛나다). It’s a perfect name for any kitten with lots of light and love. 

Chun-ja (춘자): This Korean word combines two other Korean words, “chun” (which means spring) and “ja” (which means child), to create a word meaning innocence. If your kitty is basically an angel, it’s a totally fitting name.

Min-Ji (민지): If your cat is clever, this is the perfect name. It means “quick, clever, sharp.”

Jagiya (자기야): This word is literally a pet name, for “honey,” “baby” or “darling.” If your kitten is deserving of an adorable name like this, it will fit her perfectly.

More Cute Korean Cat Names

  • Dalkomhan (달콤한): Korean for “sweet”
  • Bulkkoch (불꽃): Korean for “sparkle”
  • Pugsinhan (푹신한): Korean for “fluffy”

8 Korean Female Cat Names

Looking for the perfect name for your little lady? Here are 8 Korean female cat names.

Nari (나리 ): If you’re looking for another flower name, this is the Korean word for “lily.” 

Eun-Jeong (은정): If your girl is super sweet, this Korean word for “kindness” and “mercy” may suit her perfectly.

Nabi (나비): If your kitten float like a butterfly, this is a cute name for her. It’s the Korean word for “butterfly.”

Geum (금): If your girl has a heart of gold, maybe the perfect name for her is Geum, which means “gold” in Korean.

Ari (아리): If your cat is just straight up pretty, why not name her so? In Korean, ari means “pretty.”

More Female Cat Names

  • Mellodi (듣기 좋은): Korean for “melody”
  • Sugnyeo (숙녀): Korean for “lady”
  • Paensihan (팬시한): Korean for “fancy”

8 Male Korean Cat Names

Black and white cat outside

Searching for the perfect name for your little dude? Here are 8 Korean male cat names.

Yong (영): If your kitten is a feisty boy, Yong means “dragon” in Korean.

Geu-Roo (그루): If your male cat loves to be outdoors or spends most of his time climbing, this name may be for im. It’s the Korean word for “tree.”

Ye-Jun (예준, 藝俊): If your cat is particularly good looking (and we know he is), then Ye-Jun is the perfect name for him, since it means “handsome” in Korean.

Yeonghon (영혼): If your feline has a super spiritual presence, name him the word for spirit in Korean, “Yeonghon.”

Chingu (친구): If your little guy is your buddy, it’s a fitting name. The word for buddy in Korean is Chingu.

More Male Korean Cat Names

  • Sinsa (신사): Korean for “gentleman”
  • Ganghan (강한): Korean for “strong”
  • Wangjog (왕족): Korean for “royalty”

9 Korean Food Names for Cats

Korea is known for its amazing food. And if you are a fan, one of these 9 food-inspired cat names may be perfect for your kitten.

Kimchi (김치): There may be no Korean food more famous than kimchi. The spicy, fermented cabbage dish is a food staple any kitten would be worthy of being named after.

Bibimbap (비빔밥): Bibimap is like the burrito bowl of Korea, but is usually made with rice, veggies, beef, egg and more. Your kitty will love the nickname “bibi,” too.

Bulgogi (불고기): Korean barbecue loves know this sweet meat dish well. If your cat loves meat, it’s a great pick.

Bingsu (빙수): This sweet and yummy summer dessert (made of red beans and tteok, served on a bed of shaved ice , a.k.a. Bingsu) is a great name for any dessert lover. 

Satang (사탕): Have a sweet tooth, or find your kitten extra sweet? Satang is the Korean word for “candy.”

Jjinmandu (찐만두): Steamed dumplings are another delicious Korean food staple, and if your kitten is as cute as a dumpling, it’s a cute name for a cute kitty.

Dalgona (달고나 커피) : This coffee drink made a huge surge during the pandemic, and is super yummy and sweet. If you are a coffee lover, it’s an ideal name for your cat.

Bungeoppang (붕어빵): Korean fish-shaped pastry. You can pay homage to your cat’s love of fish and your love of pastry. Yum! 

Keikeu (케이크): Korean for “cake,” because we bet your cat is sweet! 

7 Korean Names for Orange Cats

Cute orange cat

Does your cat have a ginger hue? Here are some fun 7 Korean names for orange cats. 

Tteokbokki (떡볶이): This is another Korean food and has an orange hue thanks to rice cakes (tteok) that are made with fish cakes, scallions, and a sweet/spicy chili paste sauce.

Juhwangsaeg (주황색): Want to keep things technical? This is the Korean word for the color orange.

Bul (불): If your kitten has a bright color like fire, it’s the perfect name for your little one. “Fire” in Korean is Bul.

Ilmol (일몰): The gorgeous colors of the sunset sky are often orange, so a cute Korean name for your orange kitty is Ilmol, “sunset” in Korean. 

Bogsung-a (복숭아): Is your kitty a peachy hue? The word for peach in Korean is Bogsung-a.

More Korean Names for Orange Cats

  • Saebyeog (새벽): Korean for “dawn”
  • Haedod-i (해돋이): Korean for “sunrise”
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