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37 Egyptian Cat Names Inspired By Ancient Times

Cat outside on a wall in Egypt
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Ancient Egyptians loved cats. More than love—they worshipped cats. Cats have been found mummified in ancient archeological sites, and cat statues are another common find. 

According to scholar James Allen Baldwin, cats have been found in Egypt as far back as 5,000 years. And while they served multiple purposes—from protecting Egyptian homes against rodents and venomous snakes and acting as bird hunters, they eventually came into god-status.

Cats became sacred to Egyptians. And let’s be real…it’s not that different for cat lovers today. So honoring them with a name inspired by Ancient Egypt seems fitting. 

We compiled a list of Egyptian cat names that were inspired by Egyptian culture and history so you can honor your new kitten or adopted cat in the way the Egyptians did. 

Our Favorite Egyptian Cat Names

Looking for an Egyptian cat name that suits your kitten? Here are 8 ideas.

Sphinx. A sphinx (or sphynx) is a mythological creature that has the body of a lion and the head of a human. The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most famous statues in Egypt. It is a 4,500 year old limestone statue in Giza, Egypt. It’s so iconic, that a whole breed of cats was named after this important mythological figure. 

Bastet (or Bast). Bastet was a cat goddess that was described as fierce and nurturing. She was associated with fertility, birth, and protection. Bastet had a cult-like following in the 5th century B.C.E., as well as a temple dedicated to her. 

Mau. Mau was a divine cat who is thought to be the origin of cats on earth. He appears in the creation story, where he guarded the Tree of Life. Egyptian Maus are also a breed of short hair spotted cats.

Tut. Short for Tutankhamun, you’ve probably heard of this pharaoh known as King Tut. He became king at just 9 years old and died young at just 19. His extravagant tomb was found in 1922, and was meticulously conserved.

Cleopatra. Cleopatra, her full title Cleopatra VII, may be the most famous Egyptian queen. She became queen after the death of her father, Ptolemy XII, in 51 BCE. While she was known for her love affairs with both Caesar and Mark Antony, she also was known for her beauty and charismatic leadership, making this the perfect pick for a fiery feline.

Nefirtiti. Nefertiti means “a beautiful woman has come.” She was an Egyptian queen   whose bust (statue of her head and chest) is one of the most iconic symbols of Egypt and Egyptian art.

Merit. If you love music, this may be a good fit. Merit was the goddess of music. She helped to establish cosmic order through musical means by conducting the symphony of order which accompanied creation. We like this pick for a cat that trills, chirps, or meows a lot.

Ra. Ra was known as the sun god. And because of cats’ fondness for napping in the sun, early Egyptians associated cats with the deity. Plus, it’s short and sweet, so you can’t beat it.

Hathor. Hathor was the daughter of Ra, and was known as a friend to all. She was the patron goddess of joy, inspiration, celebration, love, women, women’s health, childbirth, and…drunkenness. 

Egyptian Female Cat Names

Cat walking on sand

Here are 10 perfect Egyptian names for your female feline.

Isis. Isis was arguably the most powerful and popular goddess in Egyptian history. She was known as “Mother of the Gods,” and cared for her fellow deities. But she is known for caring for people in life and also helped guide them safely in the afterlife into paradise.

Seshat. Seshat was the goddess of written words and is also known as the patron of scribes, which makes it a great name for a contemplative cat. Egyptians were the first people to develop their language into a “codified form of writing” known as hieroglyphs.

Papyrus. Papyrus was the writing material that ancient Egyptians used as paper. It is also called “the paper plant,” Cyperus papyrus (family Cyperaceae), and came from the delta Nile region of Egypt.

Berenice. Berenice, known as Berenice IV, was the sister of the famous Cleopatra. She came to the throne when her father, Ptolemy, was driven from Egypt and went to Rome. Upon his return, she was executed. 

Ma’at. Ma’at was known as the goddess of truth, justice, and harmony. And most importantly: order. The ancient Egyptians believed the universe had an order to it, and it was Ma’at who kept everything in balance. She also “set the stars in the sky and regulated the seasons.” We love this pick for your feline peacemaker. 

Other Egyptian Female Cat Names

  • Miriam
  • Tuya
  • Zipporah (or Tzipora)
  • Zahra
  • Sanura

Egyptian Male Cat Names

Cat with blue eyes

Looking for an Egyptian male cat name for your little guy? Here are 10 names that could be the right moniker for your little feline god.

Amun. Amun was known as the god of air. He referred to himself as “the original inscrutable and indivisible creator.” He also later merged with god Hathor (previously mentioned) to become Amun-Ra.

Horus. Horus was a falcon-headed avian god that was associated with the sun, sky, and power. Horus is also the son of Osiris and Isis.

Nile. Nile is the famous river that flows through Egypt. It is the longest river in the world that flows northward and dumps into the Meditteranean Sea. The Nile was the life source for Ancient Egyptians, providing irrigation, farming and other resources. 

Luxor. Luxor is a city in Northern Egypt (and of course, a popular hotel in Las Vegas.) It is the home of many famous temples and statues from ancient Egypt. The modern name Luxor (Arabic: Al-Uqṣur) means “The Palaces” or “The Forts.”

Moses. Moses was a Hebrew prophet that delivered his people into freedom from Egyptian slavery. In the Bible’s book of Exodus, he was famously floated down the Nile River by his mother.

Other Male Cat Names

  • Ramses
  • Anubis
  • Aaron
  • Thoth

Egyptian Names for Black Cats

Black cat walking on log

If you have a black cat, one of these names may suit your dark-furred friend.

Osiris. Osiris is an Egyptian god that is also the ‘Judge of the Dead’ whose name means “powerful” or “mighty.” He became popular due to the Osiris Myth in which his brother Set (also known as Seth) murders him, and then Osiris is brought back to life by his wife Isis and father Horus (the sky god). Osiris descends to the underworld as Judge of the Dead.

Seth (Set). Seth was Osiris’ brother. Seth is an Egyptian god of war, chaos, storms, and pestilence. His name is translated as “Instigator of Confusion” and “Destroyer,” which seems apt for a cat with destructive tendencies.  

Kemet. Back in the day, the Egyptians called their country Kemet, which translated to “Black Land” (kem meant “black” in ancient Egyptian). It came from the dark black soil of the Nile river. 

Onyx. Ancient Egyptians loved onyx, a black gemstone that was used to create everything from jewelry to bowls. This gender-neutral name is perfect for both male or female cats. 

Kohl. Kohl is the infamous black eyeliner made of powdered minerals that Egyptians wore around their eyes as eyeliner. It was worn by both men and women to enhance the eyes and as protection from the glare of the sun. 

Other Black Cat Names

  • Keket
  • Nut 
  • Apep
  • Geb
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