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125 Egyptian Cat Names Inspired By Ancient Times

Cat outside on a wall in Egypt
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Ancient Egyptians loved cats. More than love—they worshipped cats. Cats have been found mummified in ancient archeological sites, and cat statues are another common find. 

According to scholar James Allen Baldwin, cats have been found in Egypt as far back as 5,000 years. And while they served multiple purposes—from protecting Egyptian homes against rodents and venomous snakes and acting as bird hunters, they eventually came into god-status.

Cats became sacred to Egyptians. And let’s be real…it’s not that different for cat lovers today. So honoring them with a name inspired by Ancient Egypt seems fitting. 

We compiled a list of Egyptian cat names that were inspired by Egyptian culture and history so you can honor your new kitten or adopted cat in the way the Egyptians did. 

Our Favorite Egyptian Cat Names

Looking for an Egyptian cat name that suits your kitten? Here are our 10 favorite ideas.

  • Sphinx (or “sphynx,” a mythological creature with the body of a lion and head of a human)
  • Bastet (or “Bast,”a cat goddess that was described as fierce and nurturing)
  • Mau (a divine cat who was thought to be the origin of cats on earth)
  • Tut (short for King Tutankhamun)
  • Cleopatra (Egyptian queen)
  • Nefirtiti (meaning “a beautiful woman has come”)
  • Merit (Egyptian goddess of music)
  • Ra (sun god)
  • Hathor (daughter of Ra)
  • Naunet (Goddess of the ocean)

Egyptian Female Cat Names

Cat walking on sand
  • Isis (mother of the Gods)
  • Seshat (goddess of written words)
  • Papyrus (Egyptian paper)
  • Berenice (Cleopatra’s sister)
  • Ma’at (goddess of truth, justice, and harmony)
  • Miriam (Moses’ sister)
  • Tuya (Egyptian Queen)
  • Zipporah (Moses’ wife)
  • Zahra (flower)
  • Sanura (kitten)
  • Aya (Egyptian queen)
  • Jana (to earn or reap)
  • Heba (gift of God)
  • Jomana (small pearl)
  • Doha (early morning prayer)
  • Alaa (the graces of God)
  • Nada (generosity)
  • Yasmin (jasmine plant)
  • Nour (light or radiance)
  • Farah (joy)
  • Dina (a matriarch of the Israelites)
  • Amirah (princess)
  • Angie (angel)
  • Mayar (reflection of a pretty woman)
  • Raneem (beautiful melody)
  • Amal (hope)

Egyptian Male Cat Names

  • Amun (god of air)
  • Horus (avian god)
  • Nile (river in Egypt)
  • Luxor (city in Northern Egypt)
  • Moses (Hebrew prophet)
  • Ramses (begotten by Ra, the sun god)
  • Anubis (god of the dead)
  • Aaron (high mountain)
  • Thoth (god of the moon)
  • Mahmoud (praiseworthy)
  • Amr (to live a long time)
  • Muhammad (Ottoman ruler)
  • Mido (nickname for Muhammad)
  • Mostafa (one name for the prophet Muhammad)
  • Abdelrahman (servent of the merciful)
  • Karim (generous and honorable)
  • Ahmad (thankful one)
  • Sherif (noble)
  • Abdallah (servent of god)
  • Mustafa (one name for the prophet Muhammad)
  • Ali (champion)
  • Eslam (peace)
  • Youssef (god will increase)
  • Ayman (righteous one)
  • Hamada (nickname for Muhammad)
  • Miro (beautiful male)

Egyptian Names for Black Cats

Black cat walking on log
  • Osiris (judge of the dead)
  • Seth (god of war, chaos, storms, and pestilence)
  • Kemet (“Black Land,” an archaic nickname for Egypt)
  • Onyx (black gemstone)
  • Kohl (black Egyptian eyeliner)
  • Keket (mythical goddess of darkness)
  • Nut (sky goddess)
  • Apep (demon of chaos)
  • Geb (diety of earth
  • Maibe (grave)

Royal Egyptian Cat Names

  • Hapu (pharaoh)
  • Jibade (related to royalty)
  • Khafra (pharaoh)
  • Khalfani (shall rule)
  • Narmer (king)
  • Ptolemy (pharaoh)
  • Sethos (prince)
  • Shabaka (king)
  • Thutmose (pharaoh)
  • Nefertari (queen)

Adorable Egyptian Cat Names

  • Dakarai (happy)
  • Nanu (cute)
  • Urbi (princess)
  • Nefret. (stunning)
  • Halima (gentle)
  • Layla (night)
  • Hasina (good)
  • Mandisa (sweet)
  • Tabby (traditional color pattern for all ancient Egyptian cats)
  • Oni (wanted)
  • Sanura. (kitten)
  • Umayma (little mother)
  • Zahra (flower)
  • Mesi (water)
  • Lotus (flower)
Cat with blue eyes

Funny Egyptian Cat Names

  • Panya (mouse)
  • Msamaki (fish)
  • Chigaru (dog)
  • Sepest (Egyptian god who lives in a tree)
  • Gahji (hunter)
  • Ialu (field of dreams)
  • Kat (weight of measure)
  • Kosey (lion)
  • Mekal (fierce devourer)
  • Nkuku (rooster)
  • Oba (king)
  • Sabola (pepper)
  • Bennu (Egyptian deity of creation)
  • Moke (sweetened with honey)
  • Ishaq (someone who laughs)

Creative Egyptian Cat Names

  • Votive (Eygptian word for “favor” at the temple of Bastet)
  • Nefertum (goddess of sweet smells)
  • Mafdet (feline goddess)
  • Anhur (god of hunting and war)
  • Aladdin (Egyptian fencing master)
  • Giza (city in Egypt)
  • Mau (the divine cat)
  • Khafre (the human face on the Sphinx in Giza)
  • King Kufu (Khafre’s father)
  • Hatshepsut (Egyptian queen)
  • Stela (stone slab between the paws of the Sphinx)
  • Bubasti (city in Egypt)
  • Pakhet (lioness goddess of war)
  • Sobek (crocodile god)
  • Wadjet (cobra goddess)

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