When it comes to keeping your cat healthy and happy, it’s important to pick the highest quality food for them to enjoy. With this in mind, our review team has curated a list of the best cat food of 2020, based on a combination of customer reviews, quality ingredients, and price.

Whether your feline fancies dry cat food or wet cat food, we understand that you want to keep your cat in optimal health—today and in the future. So all the brands we recommend offer the nutrition and protein your cat needs to fulfill this goal.

Read on to find the best fit for your cat—depending on their age, their preferences, and your family’s lifestyle.


Best Dry Cat Food

Our pick: Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Natural Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Cat Food

When it comes to deciding what dry food to feed your feline friend it can be tough to know which is the right fit amongst the abundance of choices. We believe Blue Buffalo’s Indoor Health Natural formula is an excellent dry food that stands apart from other dry-food options available. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Great First Ingredient. We love that the first ingredient in this formula is deboned chicken: a high-quality protein that aids in healthy muscle development.
  • Optimal Nutrition. What makes this formula so special is its focus on optimal nutrition. It’s made with Blue Buffalo’s signature LifeSource Bits—a combination of specific antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins curated by animal nutritionists and veterinarians with the intention of supporting your cat’s overall health.
  • Superior Balance of Omegas 3 and 6. This particular Blue Buffalo cat food is formulated to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin through an optimal balance of omegas 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Sample buyer review“Having owned multiple cats over the past 10+ years, I can honestly say Blue Buffalo is the only brand of food I’ll buy.” 

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Best Wet Cat Food

Our Pick: Tiki Cat Emma Luau Variety Pack

Canned wet foods are a great option for cats who struggle with staying hydrated as they contain a higher moisture content. They also work wonders for the pickier eaters. Tiki Cat’s Emma Luau Variety Pack is an excellent choice when it comes to choosing wet food for your feline friend.

  • Heart Health. All of these formulas contain taurine which helps support heart health.
  • No Harmful Ingredients. Tiki Cat’s recipes are only made with pure ingredients and are free from grains, wheat, corn, soy, GMO ingredients, MSG, and carrageenan.
  • Necessary Hydration. These formulas help cats stay properly hydrated without the hassle

Sample buyer review… “My 4-year-old Burmese turns her nose up at most things, and even sometimes a food she’s previously loved. She was rejecting everything a few months ago and I bought Tiki Cat partly out of desperation/partly because I liked the label, ha! She has loved this since day one and I like how I am feeding her something I recognize and could possibly be in a can of my own food. She gobbles it all up and licks the bowl clean.

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Best Grain-Free Cat Food

Our pick: Purina Beyond: Ocean Whitefish and Egg Recipe 

Have a cat with food allergies or a sensitive stomach? Then a grain-free formula might be the perfect fit! At Great Pet Reviews we landed on Purina Beyond’s Grain-Free formula as the best grain-free option for cats. Here’s why:

  • Great First Ingredient. Purina Beyond is formulated with real Ocean Whitefish as the first ingredient, giving your cat the necessary protein to grow strong muscles.
  • Contains Natural Probiotics. This recipe also includes natural probiotics to promote healthy digestion, along with added vitamins and minerals for optimal health.
  • A Taste Cats Love. Cats absolutely love the taste and you can rest easy knowing this formula is full of nutrients and free of harmful ingredients. Even your pickiest eater will love this option while also receiving all of the healthy benefits.

Sample buyer reviewMy youngest kitten (7 months old) has food allergies. We’ve narrowed it down to wheat, corn, or soy. I have a total of five cats and trying to find a food they would all eat seemed impossible…My kitten ate it, she liked it, and she didn’t break out or vomit. Then the rest of them came sniffing around. Hallelujah, they all LOVED it.

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Best Kitten Food

Our pick: Wellness Complete Health Kitten Formula

In order for your kitten to grow into a healthy, happy cat, it’s important to make sure you give them proper nutrition right from the start. Below we explain why we suggest Wellness Complete Health Kitten Formula as an excellent option for your little one.

  • Great First Ingredient. The first ingredient is protein-rich chicken to help aid in muscle development.
  • Nutrient Rich. This formula is packed with nutrients to support your kitten in their physical and mental development such as antioxidant-rich cranberries, vitamins, balanced minerals, omega fatty acids, and essential taurine.
  • Full Spectrum Goodness. Wellness Complete emphasizes that this recipe supports the 5 signs of kitty wellness—a lustrous skin and coat, a healthy stomach, bright eyes, strong teeth and gums, and plenty of energy and immune health.

Sample buyer review… “My kitten had never been a glutton or driven crazy by food or treats. But when I introduced this stuff to her, she went BANANAS. She LOVES this stuff, just gobbles it up right away and I’m happy because I know she’s getting really healthy food and that she’s enjoying it.

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Best Cat Food for Seniors

Our pick: Halo Grain Free Senior Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Dry Cat Food

Aging cats have different needs than other cats when it comes to the nutrients they require to stay healthy. With that in mind, Halo Grain Free Senior Holistic Chicken and Chicken Liver is our top choice of senior formulas that will help your older cat live their healthiest possible life. Want to know why? Read on.

  • Free of Harmful Ingredients. Halo prides themselves on creating a formula that is free from growth hormones and antibiotics. This formula also has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  • Vitamins from Real Food. Made with sweet potatoes, blueberries, carrots and cranberries your cat will get all essential vitamins, fiber and antioxidants they need from real food sources.
  • Healthy Skin and Coat. Formulated with Halo’s DreamCoat supplement, this recipe contains essential fatty acids and nutrients for healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Lower in Calories. Senior cats need to be consuming less calories than younger cats, and this recipe takes that into account.

Sample buyer reviewMy cats are picky and they love this food.

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Best Cat Food Delivery

Our pick: Smalls

Looking for a convenient way to feed your cat but don’t want to compromise on quality and taste? If so, we recommend the cat food delivery service, Smalls. Here’s why:

  • Customizable Meal Plans. Smalls offers customizable cat meal plans that are delivered to your door. They even have pet nutritionists on staff to help you choose the perfect options that your cat will love to eat.
  • Human-Grade Food. The customized meals are prepared in a USDA human-grade facility and made with high-quality natural ingredients.
  • Real Cat Food For Real Cats. All meals are formulated to be high in moisture with zero starches, mimicking a cat’s natural ancestral diet.

Sample buyer review… “My 18-year-old cat has been so picky her entire life. But she loves Smalls food, and I was shocked. She has seemed so happy and healthy since she started eating it. Ordering is super easy, and shipments have always come on time. My cat and I are very happy!

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Keeping your cat healthy and happy begins with a diet that is focused on optimal nutrition and pure ingredients. We hope that our curated list helps you find the best formulas for your feline friend depending on her specific needs and your specific wants. 

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