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Chatty Kitties: Meet 9 Talkative Cat Breeds

Maine Coon talking
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Cats do most of their communicating through body postures. Their silent looks and gestures can speak volumes. But there are certain breeds famous for being quite chatty. They thrive on mewing, trilling, meowing, chirping, and even yowling. This talkative bunch has plenty to say and can’t wait to share what’s on their mind with you. Meet nine talkative cat breeds with reputations for being true yappers.

Oriental — The Proud Purrer

Oriental Shorthair cat breed

Wow — make that me-WOW. This cat is called the Rainbow Cat because the breed comes in more than 300 colors and patterns. Yes, 300-plus. The Oriental is loud and proud and can purr like a Mack truck. Life is good when the Oriental has plenty of playmates and attention, but this cat can get a bit cranky if left alone for long durations and may even scold you for being late. Extremely smart, the Oriental sports a heart-shaped face and large bat ears. Both the shorthaired and longhaired varieties are easy to groom.

Tonkinese — The Tenacious Talker

Tokinese cat with stuffed animal

This cat loves to talk, talk, talk. The Tonkinese also unleashes a powerful purr. He has been described as part puppy and part monkey because of his playful loyalty and acrobatic skills. Yes, this cat will play fetch and even an indoor game of tag, and he can’t wait to rush to the front door to greet visitors and welcome them with plenty of chatter. It’s hard not to fall in love with this confident cat who sports a trim, muscular physique and a short, silky coat that comes in five colors.

Singapura — Small Body, Bold Voice

Singapura cat breed

Billed as the tiniest cat breed, the Singapura weighs less than 6 pounds but can roar loudly to get your attention. This is a cat who likes to walk across your computer keyboard to get you to focus on him — not your work — and loves to hear the sound of his own voice. His origins remain disputed, with some claiming his roots are in Singapore while others insist he came from the United States. This outgoing, curious cat with large ears and eyes sports a short, fine beige coat that is a cinch to maintain.

Maine Coon — The Gentle Giant

Main Coon cat meowing

Rated as one of the largest talkative cat breeds, this native American longhaired cat gets its name from the state where it originated. Nicknamed the “Gentle Giant,” the Maine Coon is quite chatty to his favorite people. But his vocals are not thunderous meows so much as melodic chirps and trills. It’s almost as if the Maine Coon speaks in questions, with the inflection rising at the end of each trill. The Maine Coon is friends with the family dog, children and other cats and enjoys acting goofy and clownish to win your attention and your affection. This cat appreciates — and needs — regular grooming sessions.

Burmese — Boisterous and Bold

Burmese cat with yellow eyes

The Burmese puts a capital “C” in clingy and chatty. This feline enjoys cuddling, cooing, meowing and sitting on your paperwork to ensure you give him attention. Whatever room you are in, you can bet your Burmese is there with you. This breed sports a silky coat, a muscular medium-size build and soulful golden eyes set wide apart. The coat requires little grooming on your part.

Japanese Bobtail — One Lucky Cat

Japanese Bobtail on orange background

Who needs a lottery ticket if you share your home with this cat revered for centuries for bringing good luck and fortune? The aptly named Bobtail has a tail — it’s just a diminished version. This cat is a genuine feline opera diva, capable of conveying a full scale of tones. His chattiness is soft and sweet, never emitting loud, ear-irritating yowls. This active cat will always take time from play to carry on a conversation with you — or ride on your shoulder. The Japanese Bobtail comes in an easy-to-maintain shorthaired variety as well as a longhaired variety that requires weekly brushing.

Siamese — The Top Vocal Cat

Siamese cat talking

Meet the Big Mouth of the cat world. The ever-chatty Siamese can mesmerize you with his almond-shaped, deep-blue eyes and aristocratic, slender body. But he can also annoy you with his high-volume vocals that can almost mimic the cry of a human baby. One of the most active talkative cat breeds, the Siamese needs activities to work his brain and his body. He isn’t afraid to let you know what he wants and when. His shorthaired, silky coat is very easy to maintain.

Siberian — The Feline Conversationalist

Siberian cat outside

This national cat of Russia has been described as a cross between a ballerina and a linebacker because of his deft agility and his mountain of muscles. This cat can reach a weight of 20 pounds and still gracefully leap onto the top of your refrigerator without making a loud thump. The Siberian loves to talk, follow around his favorite people and soar in the air for toy mice. His rich, full coat is challenging to groom but produces less Fel d 1 — a protein associated with allergies.

Turkish Angora — The Happy Greeter

Turkish Angora on window shelf

Sporting a royal heritage, the Turkish Angora hails from the mountains of Turkey and was treated regally by Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette before sailing to the United States. This longhaired cat is thought to be the originator of the longhair gene in domestic cats. His huge, almond-shaped eyes and tufted ears will charm you as he converses with you with plenty of happy talk. He can’t wait for you to host a party so he can do his meet-and-greet to everyone who attends. As an added bonus, his silky, long coat rarely mats.