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6 Popular Goldendoodle Haircuts to Try

Dog running outside in the evening twilight - with Goldendoodle haircut
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Loved for their intelligence, gentle natures, sweet personalities and good looks, it’s no surprise that the Goldendoodle, a mix between a Poodle and Golden Retriever, is frequently named one of America’s most popular dog breeds.

Another reason this designer breed is a big hit is because of their low-shedding, hypoallergenic coat that gives them a giant teddy bear-like appearance. 

Do Goldendoodles Need Haircuts?

Sweet Goldendoodle puppy in the backyard

Like other “doodle” breeds, Goldendoodles can have a combination of coat types, including curly, wavy and straight textures, depending on the traits they inherit from their parent breeds. Regardless of coat type, all Goldendoodles are prone to matting and need regular grooming, according to Laura Giangreco, salon quality and education manager at PetSmart.

Depending on their coat type, expect to take your Goldendoodle to the groomer every four to eight weeks. Curly and wavy coats require more attention and grooming than wiry coats. In between appointments, Giangreco suggests daily brushing and combing to keep your Goldendoodle looking his best.

Popular Goldendoodle Haircut Styles

Goldendoodle on the beach with one paw up

When it comes to haircuts, there is no one-size-fits-all look for Goldendoodles. Instead, Giangreco says that pet parents can get creative and choose a cut that makes the most sense for their dog’s appearance and grooming needs. Here are six popular styles:

Puppy Cut

Goldendoodle with a puppy cut haircut

This classic cut, also known as the teddy bear cut, is among the most popular Goldendoodle haircuts. To achieve a puppy cut, groomers clip the hair all over the body from one-half to three-quarter inches long; the hair around the head is rounded, the hair on the ears is trimmed short and feathered, and the hair on the tail is trimmed short-to medium-length while the hair on the feet is trimmed round.

“The benefit of this super cute trim is that it’s easier to maintain than a full coat,” says Giangreco.

Poodle Cut

Mini goldendoodle puppy with a poodle cut

Poodles are well-known for their unique cuts, and Goldendoodles can sport a similar style. The poodle cut requires clipping the face and feet clean and trimming the hair on the head into the rounded shape of a poodle “top knot” while leaving the ears long and creating a pom pom on the tail. In a poodle cut, the body hair can be trimmed to any length, according to Giangreco. “This look is stylish with that iconic Poodle flair,” she adds.

Kennel Cut

Goldendoodle with a Kennel Cut haircut

According to Giangreco, the kennel cut is the most manageable Goldendoodle haircut  to maintain between grooming sessions because the coat is trimmed to a uniform length all over the body, including the head, ears and tail. 

Lion Cut

Goldendoodle puppy with Lion cut

The lion cut got its name because it makes your Goldendoodle look like he has a mane. Groomers achieve this look by trimming the hair on the body, legs and base of the tail short but leaving it longer on the neck, brisket (the part of the body between the forelegs and lower chest) and from the withers forward. 

To add to the lion-esque appearance, groomers leave the hair full on the head and mane but shorter on the forehead and muzzle and shave the tail from the base almost to the end, leaving a small pom pom.

“This is a fun and creative trim that can show a pet’s and pet parent’s personality,” Giangreco says.

Lamb Cut

Goldendoodle with a Lamb cut

As the name suggests, the lamb cut makes your Goldendoodle look like a newborn lamb. It requires clipping the body coat short to medium in length and blending it into longer hair on the legs. The head, feet and tail are styled according to preference. Giangreco likes this cut because the extra coat on the Goldendoodle’s legs helps keep their joints warm.


Goldendoodle Mohawk haircut

Give your Goldendoodle a mohawk and he might run off and join a band—or just look like the most rockin’ dog in the dog park. The mohawk is the same on doodles and people alike: the hair is left longer down the middle, from the top of their head to the end of their tails. You can also opt to have a true mohawk and limit the longer hair to the middle of the head, clipping the rest of the body short.

Although this is a little wilder than some of the more traditional Goldendoodle haircuts, Giangreco calls it one of the easiest to maintain, adding, “This is a fun style that provides easy maintenance of the body and legs.”

How to Choose the Right Goldendoodle Haircut

Goldendoodle running in the meadows

Your Goldendoodle will look adorable whether you choose a basic Goldendoodle haircut like the puppy or the kennel cut or opt for a poodle cut or mohawk, but Giangreco says that the haircut you choose is about more than just looks. 

Complex cuts like the poodle cut and the mohawk require more frequent grooming by a professional groomer. Be prepared to invest in trips to the groomer every four to eight weeks to maintain these cuts. If this feels like too much commitment, you may choose an intricate cut for special occasions and stick with more basic cuts as part of a regular grooming routine. 

Goldendoodle Grooming Guide

Goldendoodle laying down in the grass very happy

It is possible to groom your Goldendoodle at home. Stick with simple cuts like the kennel cut and leave more extensive grooming to the pros.

To ensure a good DIY grooming experience, skip the hairbrush under the bathroom sink and opt for tools designed for dogs. Giangreco suggests a medium or hard slicker brush or metal medium to wide combo comb for brushing. 

“When used correctly, slicker brushes and metal combs for dogs allow you to brush and comb through each strand of fur, which will help prevent a tangled or matted coat,” she says. These tools are made to be durable as their coats can be thick.”

Ask your groomer or veterinarian about the best shampoos and conditioners for your Goldendoodle’s skin and coat condition, and consider adding a detangling spray to keep their curls from getting matted. Remember, you might be trying to achieve a specific look, but Goldendoodle grooming is also about prioritizing good health. 

Goldendoodles with curly and wavy coats will need more brushing and trimming than Goldendoodles with wiry coats—but all Goldendoodles, regardless of coat type, need regular baths, brushing and trimming to keep their hair from becoming matted.

“When a pet’s coat becomes matted, the coat may need to be shaved for the pet’s comfort and health,” says Giangreco.

Grooming is also a good time to check the health of your dog’s skin: Look for fleas and ticks or lumps, bumps and other skin conditions that could require a trip to the vet. Ask your groomer to be on the lookout, too. This strategy ensures that grooming prioritizes good looks and good health.