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Proviable for Dogs Buying Guide: Chewables, Capsules, and Paste

Proviable chewables capsules and kits
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Maintaining a healthy gut in our furry friends is a cornerstone of their overall well-being, impacting everything from their immune system to their energy levels and mood. When it comes to ensuring optimum gut health in dogs, probiotics play a significant role. 

Nutramax’s Proviable products have been a go-to choice among veterinarians to support canine digestive health. Let’s dive into what makes Proviable a fantastic option for our beloved canine companions.

What is Proviable?

Proviable for dogs, manufactured by Nutramax Laboratories, is a supplement that combines potent probiotics and prebiotics. Its formulation is specifically targeted to support canine gut health using several strains of live, beneficial probiotic bacteria which help dogs maintain a healthy intestinal microbial population. 

Prebiotics, a food source for the beneficial bacteria, are included in the formula to help encourage the growth and colonization of the probiotics within a dog’s intestinal tract. 

By offering a tailored combination of both prebiotics and probiotics, Proviable delivers a high-quality supplement which supports the gut health of dogs of any size, age, or breed.

What is Proviable Used For in Dogs?

Veterinarians often recommend Proviable for gastrointestinal upset due to dietary changes, stress, a course of antibiotics, or other factors. Proviable aims to restore and maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in your dog’s gut. It’s especially beneficial after episodes of diarrhea or during times of stress for your dog, like boarding or travel.

In addition to short-term use, veterinarians will recommend Proviable long-term for dogs who suffer from gastrointestinal upset secondary to chronic anxiety or those that have any other type of gastrointestinal condition such as a sensitive stomach or inflammatory bowel disease

Proviable can also be used chronically for dogs predisposed to flatulence. Not only does it decrease the bloating and discomfort our dogs feel, but it saves our noses from some of their potent gas, as well.

Types of Proviable for Dogs

Proviable comes in different formulations to cater to various preferences and needs. The two primary product lines for dogs include:

  • Proviable Forte
  • Proviable DC

Proviable Forte is available in both chewable tablets and sprinkle capsules. It offers a higher concentration of probiotics (10 billion CFUs) than Proviable DC and is available through your veterinarian. 

Proviable DC is also available in sprinkle capsules and chewable tablets, but the capsules are more readily available at pet retailers. This version does tend to be more affordable than the Forte version.

Proviable Sprinkle Capsules Vs. Chewable Tablets

The sprinkle capsules are excellent for dogs who may not prefer chewable tablets or for pet parents who find it easier to mix the supplement with their dog’s food. 

The chewable tablets might be a preferred choice for dogs who readily accept them as treats or for pet parents seeking a mess-free option.

Proviable Kits for Dogs

Proviable Forte and Proviable DC for dogs are also available in a kit that features the brand’s KP paste in addition to the sprinkle capsules. The inclusion of the paste can help firm up your dog’s stools – working alongside the capsules for a comprehensive approach and a more rapid improvement in your dog’s gastrointestinal signs.

The Proviable KP paste that comes in the kits should only be used for 48-72 hours, or as otherwise directed by your veterinarian.

How to Use Proviable for Dogs infographic

Side Effects of Proviable for Dogs

When used according to packaging instructions, Nutramax Proviable is generally well-tolerated by dogs. Reports suggest no known side effects associated with regular usage. 

However, extended use of the paste could lead to constipation in dogs, and probiotics should not be given to dogs that have a suppressed immune system or are critically ill, unless directed by your veterinarian. It’s best to adhere to the guidelines provided by your veterinarian to ensure the safety and well-being of your furry friend.

Where to Buy Proviable for Dogs

Proviable DC for dogs is available over the counter without a prescription, making it accessible for pet parents at various pet stores or online pharmacies. However, Proviable Forte and the Proviable Kit for dogs typically require an authorization from your veterinarian. These might be available at select pet stores or can be purchased directly through your vet or authorized online retailers.

Remember, before starting your dog on any new supplement, it’s crucial to discuss it with your veterinarian. They can provide tailored advice and dosage recommendations based on your dog’s specific needs, medical history, and current clinical signs.


In conclusion, Proviable products for dogs offer a reliable option to support your dog’s digestive health. Always consult your veterinarian to determine the most suitable formulation and dosage for your furry companion’s individual needs. Here’s to keeping your pup’s tail wagging with good gut health!