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125 German Dog Names That Are Fantastisch

German shepherd puppies, best german dog name inspiration
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Choosing a German dog name for your new pup makes perfect sense, especially if dein hund is descended from one of many popular German dog breeds, which include Dachshunds, Dobermanns, Great Danes, Pomeranians, Weimaraners, Schnauzers, Boxers, and, of course, German Shepherds. 

Whether your pup has a German pedigree, your family hails from the Rhineland, or you’re simply a fan of the food or culture (who doesn’t love beer and pretzels?), picking a cool German dog name for your new puppy is the perfect way to celebrate your love for all things German.

Keep reading to find out some of the best German dog names for pups of all shapes and sizes. 

Best German Dog Names

Great Dane with owner and happy, best german dog name inspiration

If you’re looking for a traditional German name for your puppy, here are eight classics you should consider:

Heidi (Noble One) – This is a quintessential German name — and one any pup would be proud to bear. It comes from the German word Adelheid (adal meaning “noble” and heid meaning “kind, sort, or type”), but we think the shortened form is perfect for distinctive doggos.  

Fritz (Peaceful Ruler) – If you’ve got a gentle giant for a dog, try the name Fitz on for size. It’s short for the German name Friedrich (frid meaning “peace” and rīc meaning “ruler or power”), a regal name borne by many kings throughout history. For queenly pups, consider the feminine form, Fritzi.  

Liesl (Oath to God) – Liesl is short for Elizabeth in German. Though the origins are biblical, many people may know (and love) the name from the character Liesel von Trapp in the film classic, The Sound of Music — perfect for pretty pups!

Beethoven – In this case, the who behind the name is much more significant than the what (in German, it means “beetroot farm”). Use it to pay homage to German composer Ludwig van Beethoven…like one famous St. Bernard we know

Tiny Pomeranian puppy, best german dog name inspiration

Greta or Gretl (Pearl) – Of course, all dogs are precious, but if your dog is especially so, consider this name, which comes from Margarete, the German form of the Greek name Margaret. 

Otto (Wealthy) – For dogs with an old soul, this retro German name could be the perfect fit. It’s one of those names from centuries past that fell out of fashion, only to become so old-school it’s cool again. Famous German Ottos include Otto von Bismarck and Otto the Great.

Hilda (Battle Maiden) – If your girl has the brave spirit of a warrior or is simply fine and fierce, Hilda is a great name choice. It’s inspired by Brunhilda, a famous shieldmaiden or Valkyrie featured in Germanic lore.

Helmut (Protector) – If your pup is a tireless guardian, this name may suit him. Like the name “Tank,” this name is inspired by military ordnance. But its German roots convey a deeper significance — helm means “helmet or protection” and muot means “spirit or courage.”

German Female Dog Names

Very cute dog looking up to camera very sweetly

Struggling to find the right name for your little girl? Here are ten more options we love for their beauty and rich cultural meaning:

Marlene – Got a pup who’s a glamourpuss — uh, glamourpooch? If you’re a fan of old-school Holywood, this name evokes the sophisticated style of German actress Marlene Dietrich

Ursula (Bear) – Though many people know Ursula as the octopus antagonist in Disney’s The Little Mermaid movie, the name has long been cherished in Germany as a symbol of feminine strength. Bear or octopus, if your dog is a force to be reckoned with, she may be an Ursula! 

Johanna (God is gracious) – A variation (and feminization) of the Hebrew name for John, in German this name has a silent “J,” which makes it sound even more lovely. Plus, it’s a tribute to Johanna Spyri, author of the only book in the Top 25 best-selling books of all time originally published in German — Heidi

Jörd (Earth Goddess) – If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Norse mythology, this name packs a lot of power. The Old Norse goddess Jörd is the personification of the earth (also known as Gaia) and “is described as the mother of Thor,” the God of Thunder.

Rosamund – Meanings are great and all that, but sometimes you just want a name as pretty as your pooch is. The German name Rosamund became popular in Britain because the English thought it meant “pure rose.” It didn’t matter to them that it meant “horse protector” in High German, and it probably won’t matter to your dog, either.  

Hannah (or Hanna) – Derives from the Hebrew word for beauty, grace, or favor. Very popular German female name.

Frieda (or Frida) – Translates to peaceful

Lara (Protection) ­­– She will be the guardian of your heart and home

Adalheid (Nobility) – Can be shortened to ‘Heidi’

Elsa – From the famous princess in Disney’s hit movie, ‘Frozen’

Here are some more Germanic names for girl dogs that we lieben:

  • Silke (Heavenly)
  • Lena (Beautiful)
  • Brita (Powerful)
  • Monika (Unique)
  • Lorelei (Enchanting)

German Male Dog Names

Happy boxer dog playing in a lovely meadow for some german dog name inspiration

Searching for a name for your kleiner Mann? Here are 10 fun German male dog names to try out: 

Luther – Whether you’re a devout pet parent or simply have a devoted doggo, Luther could be a great name to consider. It pays tribute to Martin Luther, the German theologian who spurred the Protestant Reformation. And it also honors Civil Rights legend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose father legally changed his son’s name after touring Germany, in tribute to the reformer. 

Rudolf or Rudolph (Famous Wolf) – Long before the name became synonymous with a certain red-nosed reindeer, Rudolf was a powerful ancient German name born by kings of the Hapsburg dynasty. It’s a great name for honoring your pet’s wolf-like ancestors. And we love the shortened version, Rolf, for dogs with a distinctive bark.

Werner (Warrior) – Both history buffs and film buffs may want to consider this name, which pays tribute to the historic defenders of the Hapsburg dynasty and famed contemporary German film and documentary director, Werner Herzog. (Who, incidentally, also shared the screen with this guy!) 

Jürgen (Farmer) – If your dog loves to dig or seems to enjoy hanging out in the kitchen, you may have a Jürgen on your hands. Also spelled Juergen, it’s a version of the Low German name Georg or George, which means “man of the land or farmer.” Fans of The Great British Baking Show may also recognize the name Jürgen from the most recent season. (No spoilers, please!)

Ulrich (Fortunate) – The meaning of this name is right in it — in German, it can mean “rich or fortunate.” So if your dog’s got a taste for the bling or you just feel lucky to have him, this name could be a great fit.

Lukas – Translates to the bringer of light and is a very popular German name

Gerhard (Spear ruler) – Popular name from the German chancellor, Gerhard Schroder

Horst ­– Translates to a man from the forest and is perfect for a dog who loves to be outdoors or go hiking or hunting

Carl (Free man) – The Germanic form of the name Charles

Maximilian – This strong name translates to ‘the greatest’

Hungry for more? Here are some other Germanic names for your boy dog:

  • Franz (Free)
  • Matthias (Gift of God)
  • Andreas (Strong and Manly)
  • Boris (Fighter)
  • Dietrich (Ruler)

Unique German Dog Names

Playful German Shepherd puppy

If you want a unique dog name for your one-of-a-kind pet, here are four of our top faves:

Udo (Power of the Wolf) – Although this name is incredibly popular in Germany, it’s not common the English-speaking countries. That means it’s inherently cool and unusual. Plus, you won’t run the risk of causing confusion when you call nit at the dog park. 

Fausta (Lucky) – This female name has Old German origins and can also signify “friendly and flourishing.” Not bad qualities for any dog to have!

Dagobert (Bright, Shining Day) – This name sounds like…a lot. But if your dog can pull it off, they’ve got a bright future ahead. Plus, in Germany, Dagobert Duck is the German name for Scrooge McDuck, the money-grabbing character in Disney’s “Uncle Scrooge” comics and “DuckTales” TV show.

Albruna (Supernatural Being) – Does your dog have a sixth sense? (And not just about food that’s dropped on the floor?) Is she surrounded by an air of mystery? Then she may be worthy of the name Albruna, inspired by a German “seer” who is mentioned by the Roman historian Tacitus. The name also translates into “secret whisperer” and “friend of the elves.”

Cool German Dog Names

Weimaraner dog laying in a field

Looking for a German dog name that’s the epitome of cool? Here are five to consider:

Edelweiss (Pure Flower) – In German, this name translates to “noble white,” but (thanks, again, to The Sound of Music) most people know it as a gorgeous white flower synonymous with the Alps. Not only is the name a cool ode to alpine flora, but it’s also perfect for any pretty pooch, white-furred or otherwise. 

Rammstein (Ramming Stone) – If you’re a heavy metal fan, you’re probably familiar with this iconic band. Why not name your pup after some notorious musicians?

Gerwin or Gerwine (Spear and Friend) – Is your pup your most faithful “ride or die” friend? Then this Old German name that evokes both fierce loyalty and fierce friendship may be the perfect fit for your little boy or girl. 

Archibald (Truly Bold) – While this may seem like a punny name for hairless breeds, in reality, it’s a name that’s not for the faint of heart. It comes from the Germanic words meaning “genuine, distinguished, daring, and brave” — a lot to live up to! 

Frau – Okay, okay…this isn’t technically a name, but the German word you use to address married women (like Mrs.) But it works on its own for a cheeky name, just like Frau Farbissina from Austin Powers.

German Food Names for Dogs

Dachshund puppy sitting on a big leaf

If you’re a fan of German fare, here are some great dog names inspired by German food and drink. Guten Appetit! 

Schnitzel – Whether your dog is small and sweet or a spunky scrapper, Schnitzel could be a wunderbar name for your pet. The name literally means “scrap” or “cut-off piece,” but it has become synonymous with a broad range of classic German dishes like Wienerschnitzel or jägerschnitzel. Perfect for dogs so stinking cute you could eat them right up.  

Spätzle – If your pup is a bit of a noodle and a little irregular (in the best way, of course) this is a fitting name. Spätzle comes from the German word for “little sparrow,” because that’s what the irregularly shaped egg noodles look like. This classic German side dish is warm, comforting…just like your pet!

Gurken (Pickle) – Looking for a name that’s just right for a pup who’s a little sweet and a little sour? Here you go. Watch out, sometimes they pack a bite!  

Streusel (Strewn or Scattered) – Inspired by German pastries featuring a delicious, sugary “crumble” strewn over top, this name is ideal for sweet pups — and even mischievous ones that are all over the place. 

Pilsner – Though this golden, refreshing beer style originated in what’s now the Czech Republic, it was a German brewmaster who first brewed it. The style is a classic in German bierhalles and Pilsners are the most popular beer in Germany. While your dog should definitely NOT drink any pilsners, pet parents who are beer lovers may want to consider the name for their precious pup. 

Famous Female German Dog Names

Beautiful German Spitz Dog

Perhaps you’d prefer the name of a famous female who hails from Germany. Your dog will be the most famous pooch on the block with a notorious namesake.

Audra – after Audra McDonald, famed opera and Broadway singer

Claudia  – after supermodel Claudia Schiffer

Elke – as in Elke Summer, famous German actress

Elsa – after Elsa Einstein, second wife to Albert Einstein who

Emilie– as in Emilie Schindler, wife of the late Oskar Schindler, who saved over 1,000 Jews from the Nazis

Emmy – after Emmy Noether, a German mathematician who worked in abstract algebra

Hannah – after Hannah Arendt, a prominent political thinker of the 20th century

Heidi  – after the famous supermodel and television celebrity, Heidi Klum

Kasumba – as in Florence Kasumba, best known as the character Ayo from the Marvel movie franchise

Katarina – as in Katarina Witt, the famous female ice skater and Olympian

Merkel – as in Angela Merkel, former Chancellor of Germany

Nena – after Nene, the German singer/songwriter famous for the song, “99 Luftballons” in the 80s

Steffi – after Steffi Graf, the legendary tennis player

Toni  – German model and actor who is well known for her ads with Calvin Klein

Ursula – after Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission

Famous Male German Dog Names

Great dane German dog

Not to be outdone, these male famous German dog names will have people smiling and asking the meaning of your noble pooch’s name.

Albert  – as in Albert Schweitzer, German Nobel Peace Prize winner

Beethoven – after the great Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer and pianist

Boris  – as in Boris Becker, famous tennis player who won multiple titles

Brahms  – after Johannes Brahms, famous German composer, pianist, and conductor

Gauss  – after Carl F. Gauss, German physicist and mathematician

Handel – as in George Frideric Handel, a famous Baroque composer

Karl – as in Karl Lagerfeld, German fashion magnate

Kepler  – after Johannes Kepler, famed German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer of the 17th century

Levar  – as in Levar Burton, famous actor and host of Reading Rainbow

Manuel  – after Manuel Neuer, one of Germany’s greatest football players and goalkeepers

Max  – after Max Planck, a theoretical physicist who originated the quantum theory of physics

Mozart  – one of the greatest classical composers in history

Schumacher  – as in Michael Schumacher, one of the best motor sports drivers on the planet

Wagner  – after Richard Wagner, German composer and conductor

Zimmer  – after Hans Zimmer, renowned record producer and film score producer

German Locations That Make Great Dog Names

Germanic dog Hovawart

Dare to be different with one of these German location names that are perfect for female and male dogs.

Bavaria  – site of a fairy tale castle, Schloss Neuschwanstein

Cologne  – the largest city in North Rhine

Constance  – runs parallel to Flower Island on 110 acres

Elbe – one of Germany’s main river

Forest – as in the Black Forest, a famous German wooded area

Hamburg  – a major German port city

Kiel – a German port city

Moselle – a famous river in Germany

Rhine  – Europe’s most important waterway

Rugen  – the largest and most stunning of the German Baltic Islands

Dog Names with German Roots

Leonberger dogs

All words have an origin of meaning and location. The clever, snappy, and unique list of selections below all has German word roots.

Bruder  – pronounced broo-der, means ‘brother’

Danke  –  pronounced dahn-kah, means ‘thank you’

Gut – pronounced goot, means ‘good’

Hund  – pronounced hoond, means ‘dog’

Klein  – pronounced kline, means ‘small’

Kumpel  – pronounced come-pell, translates to ‘buddy’

Liebe  – pronounced lee-buh, means ‘love’

Lustig  – pronounced loo-stig, means ‘funny’

Spitze  – pronounced spitz-uh, means ‘spike’

Tasche  – pronounced tah-sha, means ‘pocket’

Strong German Dog Names

German Longhaired Pointer Dog

Many pet parents prefer a stronger name for their dog. If you’d rather have a name that connotates strength, check out these options and their Germanic meanings.

Bernard – Strong and brave like a bear

Dino or Dina – Warrior of the people

Donner – Thunder

Edwina – Industrious friend

Ellard – Noble and brave

Ferdinand – Courageous and adventurous

Frieda – Peaceful ruler

Hilda – Battle woman

Ida – One who is industrious

Lamar – Famous in the land

Leopold – Bold leader

Medwin – Powerful friend

Millie – Gentle strength

Ozzy – Divine spear

Raina – Mighty

Rowland – Famous in the land

Schatz – Jewel or treasure

Sofie – Wisdom

Trudy – Spear of strength

Ugo – Heart, mind, and spirit

Ulf – Wolf

Waldo – Ruler

Ziggy – Victorious protector

If you’re still having a tough time picking the perfect name for your dog, try our pet name generator to get personalized recommendations for your new family member!

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