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The Pet Parent's Back to Work Guide
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  • Expert advice from veterinarians and trainers
  • Easy-to-follow action plan
  • Sections for both dog and cat parents
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  • Steps for re-establishing routines
  • Suggestions for independent toys and playtime
  • Anxiety-reducing tips and calming products to try
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  • Learn to keep the bond with your pet strong
  • Get mechanisms to reduce your stress at work
  • Discover how to keep tabs on your pet while you’re away
Kristen Levine

About Kristen Levine Pet Living

We’ve teamed up with our friend and pet lifestyle expert, Kristen Levine, to provide you with this helpful, timely, and completely free eBook.

Kristen has been connecting pets, people, and brands for 30+ years and is driven by the passionate belief that we need pets as much as they need us. She wrote this guide to ease stress and anxiety for both pets and people as we—once again—navigate changes in our routines.

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