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Karen Asp

Karen Asp is an award-winning journalist and author who writes about companion and farmed animals (and fitness, health, nutrition and travel) for numerous publications, including Better Homes & Gardens, O, Daily Paws, Prevention, Reader's Digest, Insider, Sentient Media, USA Today's magazine, Great Pet Care and Best Friends. She's the fur mom to a (plant-powered) Golden Retriever and Maine Coon and a foster dog mom, her first (and recent) foster being a paralyzed Pittie mix from Mississippi whom she spent 15 months socializing and nursing back to health. She volunteers regularly at her local shelter.
Karen has been a leading journalist for over 20 years and has authored two books, including Anti-Aging Hacks which features 248 hacks for aging more gracefully, including having animals in your life. She also trained her first Golden Retriever to be a certified therapy dog, and for eight years, they volunteered at libraries, rehab hospitals and Alzheimer's units. She recently served on the board of Uplands Peak Sanctuary, Indiana's first farmed animal sanctuary, and was just approved to be a foster for a Golden Retriever rescue organization.