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Best Pet Toys for At-Home Play

Pet toys for at-home play
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Your pets love nothing more than spending time with you. They rush to the door, tails wagging and ears perked, the second they hear you returning home from work. Remember this if you are working from home to help contain the coronavirus. There’s a silver lining. While you are self-distancing from other humans, your beloved cats and dogs provide much-needed company (and maybe even a soundtrack to your online meetings) while you meet your deadlines. 

It’s comforting having snoozing dogs and purring felines next to you as you type away, but you also can take this opportunity to spend quality time playing with your four-legged friends. Pets that receive mental stimulation and have an enriched environment make happier pets.   

Here is our guide to toys that you can use during breaks from work (and the endless news cycle) to help you bond with your pets. 

Interactive Dog Toys

Zogoflex Hurley Dog Toy 

Hurley Dog Toy

This eco-friendly offering from West Paw is perfect for your active dog who loves to fetch. Made in the U.S. with tough, pliable material, this colorful toy can delight your pooch for hours on end. Head to the backyard for a fun game or give Fido something to chew on to keep him occupied and stimulated when you need to focus. It’s also floatable, making it ideal for water-loving dogs.

Available at Amazon

Fly and Fetch Duck  

Duck dog toy

If you’ve got a retriever or spaniel-mix that loves hunting and chasing birds, this realistic-looking Fly and Fetch Duck makes for a good decoy and gets him excited during playtime. Add a little exercise to your pup’s day, or use the rope tail to play tug. 

Available at Amazon.

Flash and Glow Ball  

Although the days are longer with spring around the corner, having a glow-in-the-dark ball allows you and your pet to squeeze in some playtime after the sun goes down. Simply shake the ball and an internal LED light flashes to help your canine fetch it in the darkness. It comes in an assortment of neon colors to keep your dog engaged. 

Available at Amazon.

Chuckit! Indoor Ball  

ChuckIt dog ball

Senior dogs need stimulation and playtime, too. This soft and durable Chuckit! Indoor Ball is easier on your mature hound’s teeth and jaws, and lightweight enough for indoor play (and you can’t beat the price). This ball is a good option for pet parents living in apartments or houses without backyards; you can freely toss it without worrying about damaging your furnishings. 

Available at Amazon 

Interactive Cat Toys  

GoCat Da Bird Pull Apart Rod & Bird

Cat feather toy

Twirling feathers strung from a rod seems so simple, but your cat will love this innovative toy that mimics a bird in flight. Handcrafted in the U.S., the GoCat Da Bird appeals to the prey instincts of your feline friend and keeps him chasing and leaping with joy. Just be aware, Whiskers may not want you to stop. The worn-out feathers can be swapped out with new ones in the swivel attachment. 

Available at Amazon 

Cat Dancer Cat Toy 

cat dancer cat toy

The affordable Cat Dancer Cat Toy doubles as a traditional wand and as a wall-mounted unit that gives your kitty plenty of entertainment with you or in solo play. It comes equipped with a spring steel wire attached to small cardboard rolls, and can be attached to the wall with the paw-shaped adhesive. Best of all, Cat Dancer toys are manufactured in a solar-powered factory in Wisconsin.  

Available at Amazon 

Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel

cat tunnel cat toy

If you have a multi-cat household, the Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel will provide endless entertainment for your feline friends. Play hide and seek, rattle a toy at one of the tunnels to get them going, or simply let them prance around inside until they tire out. The tunnel is made with a steel frame, a tear-resistant polyester material, and comes in various sizes. It can be fully collapsed for easy storage. 

Available at Amazon 

Puzzles and Chew Toys for Dogs 

Snoop Interactive Dog Toy 

Snoop dog toy

Conceal goodies inside this translucent Snoop toy and watch your dog use his skills to reach his reward. This treat-dispensing toy helps your pet enjoy snack time while engaging his mind (and keeps him occupied while you tend to your chores). This toy also prevents your puppy from unwanted behavior like destroying your shoes or furniture. 

Available at Amazon

Qwizl Treat Dispenser  

Qwizl dog toy

Keep your adult dog stimulated with the Qwizl Treat Dispenser from West Paw. Load the toy’s side openings with peanut butter or his favorite treats and make a play date out of it; the ridges inside create a challenge to reach the treats, prolonging your pet’s playtime. This durable toy is great for strong chewers and can also be used to play fetch. 

Available at Amazon

Casino Interactive Puzzle  

casino dog food puzzle

Puzzle toys are a wonderful way to beat boredom in your pet’s life; besides, watching him succeed is sure to make you feel proud of your little guy. The Casino Interactive Puzzle meets your pet’s need for mental stimulation and rewards him with treats for his skillful navigation. Fill the drawers in the base with tasty treats, cover the compartments, and challenge your dog to get to them. Although the scent of the treats is encouragement enough, show Fido how it’s done, and be sure to film your pet’s achievements to boast about it to your friends. 

Available at Amazon

Environmental Enrichment for Cats 

SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

Smart Cat puzzle toy

Your indoor cat will love you for this puzzle that can be combined with his favorite treats or catnip. The SmartCat Peek-a-Prize toy comes with two foam spiral balls that you can drop into the peek-a-boo wooden box for your cat to seek out. It works for any sized cat and can also be used for dispensing treats. 

Available at Amazon 

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

GoPet Cat Tree

You’ve got access to a treadmill and Netflix at home, so why not give your feline a place of her own to exercise and relax? The Go Pet Club tiered cat tree features multiple perches, hanging rope, ladder, hammock, and a basket for your tabby to play and chill in. This will also come in handy for shy cats or rescues you’ve just brought home from the shelter, giving them a place to retreat to for a sense of security. The tree comes in various colors to match your furniture.  

Available at Amazon

Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Cat scratching post

Keep your active cat busy with the Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post. At 32 inches, it gives him a good stretch and tones muscles while allowing him to scratch away to exercise his claws. The post has a fibrous and durable woven sisal that doesn’t snag and lasts longer than rope, making the splurge on this toy a great investment. 

Available at Amazon

PetStages Tower of Tracks 

Cat puzzle toy

If you’ve got multiple cats or an active kitten, the PetStages Tower of Tracks makes for an enjoyable way for him to stay busy indoors. He is bound to find amusement batting at colorful balls that roll around in the three-tiered circular tracks. The noisemakers inside the balls add further engagement and an overall enhanced experience. Just be sure to put on your noise-cancelling headphones to concentrate on your work. 

Available at Amazon

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