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Eusoh Review: An Innovative and Cost-Saving Alternative to Pet Insurance

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There is nothing more important than taking care of our pets. After all, they are members of our family and we always want the best for them. 

We also hope that our pets live long, happy, and healthy lives. But accidents, injuries, and even diseases are often inevitable. And what happens if your dog or cat needs sudden surgery and the cost is $5,000? 

Not everyone has that kind of money for an unexpected expense and that is why Eusoh was created—to give your pets’ the best care they need when something unexpected occurs or your pet develops a medical condition.

What is Eusoh?

Eusoh pet care is not pet insurance—in fact, some would say it’s better than pet insurance. It is a community-based health sharing plan that reimburses its members for their pet’s medical, illness, wellness, and routine care medical expenses. 

It is essentially a platform in which the members share and help each other to cover the costs of pet medical expenses.

How Is It Different Than Pet Insurance?

Eusoh vs. Pet Insurance

Pet insurance companies receive money from their customers. The money goes into what is referred to as a premium pool. The more money that a procedure costs, the more money the pet insurance companies add to the premium pool. And that is how the costs of premiums and medical procedures increase. 

With Eusoh, there is complete transparency. Because it is a community-based health sharing plan, if your pet has a procedure, you share the invoice with the community and everyone knows the cost. There are no hidden fees, extra costs, or added costs to the medical expense.

Members of Eusoh only pay for medical costs as they occur, whereas pet insurance companies charge a premium every month even if you never have to take your pet to the vet.

How Does Eusoh Work?

When you sign your pet up for Eusoh, you will join a cost-sharing group. Your group is your Eusoh community. Your group can be anyone from friends, family, or people that have similar interests that you have. 

Any expenses you submit are shared and split within the group. 

After a veterinary visit or an emergency visit, you pay for your services upfront. Then, you submit the invoice and receipt to the Eusoh community for reimbursement.  The reimbursement amount is based on the national average pricing.

If costs within your group begin to get more expensive, the system brings in community members from other groups to help offset those costs and keep expenses at a reasonable cost. 

Eusoh Costs: Breaking Everything Down

When joining the Eusoh community, there is a $17 per month subscription fee. There are no monthly premiums.

Each member holds a pledge of $48 in a private and secure digital wallet, where small amounts are drawn upon when expenses are needed to cover pet medical costs from the community. The balance is refilled to $48 at the end of each month.

The price is the same for cats and dogs of all ages. With most pet insurance companies, the monthly premiums continue to rise as pets age.

Members will never contribute more than $48 in a month, and most of the time, it will be much less. Therefore, the most any member would pay in a given month is $65 ($48 + the $17 subscription fee).

Some months, there are no costs from the group and your fee is then $0. The $48 pledge then rolls into the next month.  

Member Share of Veterinary Bills

The member share is 20 percent. This means that you’re responsible for 20 percent of any expense that you submit to the system. The group shares the remaining 80 percent of the bill which is the same as most pet insurance providers.

The annual out of pocket member cost is $250 which means you have to pay $250 (in reimbursable expenses) before submitting any expenses and the maximum reimbursement each year is $8,500.

There is also a 30-day waiting period before any member can submit any expense.

Eusoh saves their members much more per month as compared to traditional pet insurance.

Eusoh Services: What’s Covered?

Eusoh chart of services

With Eusoh, you don’t have to choose a specific type of plan such as accident-only insurance or an accident and illness plan as you would in most pet insurance plans.  Your coverage is much broader and your cost doesn’t change.  

Eusoh is essentially a comprehensive health plan that includes accident and illness as well as wellness expenses and routine veterinary visits. Most traditional pet insurance companies don’t cover these expenses and if they do, it is at an additional cost.

With Eusoh, the coverage is much broader and even includes pre-existing conditions that are disclosed upfront with the group.

What Isn’t Covered

The following, similar to most pet insurance providers, isn’t covered by Eusoh:

  • Routine medications (such as heartworm, flea and tick medication) 
  • Spaying and neutering procedures
  • Dental cleaning
  • Food
  • Non-prescription supplements
  • Grooming
  • Declawing
  • Cosmetic expenses

Member Testimonials

“My dog Remi has just successfully completed his second TTA-2 surgery to repair a torn CCL. Eusoh has been very helpful throughout this process, especially the support staff. They have shown that they care for both Remi and I, and understand the financial burden unexpected vet bills can cause, especially expensive surgeries to repair things like torn CCl’s. They have been incredibly responsive, and have made what could be a very difficult process a lot easier.” – Tyler

Wow, I’m amazed with how Eusoh treats you. They have easy claims processing times. You pay $17 per animal which goes to Eusoh to maintain claims process and reimbursements the members don’t…you then share the cost with other members. The max you would pay in a month is $48! It can be lower (and usually is) depending on the claims for that month. Wellness is covered also which is rare. This is the way traditional insurance should be. Give it a try.” – Brian

As a single mother and student, I am extremely grateful to have Eusoh for my adopted Oakland Animal Services dog, Fluff. When he was diagnosed with a torn CCL, I knew that I would be able to afford his care thanks to cost-sharing through Eusoh. Thanks to their great customer service, my daughter and I can rest assured that our baby will be ok!” – Carolyn

The Bottom Line

There are so many reasons to join the Eusoh community. Not only is it a community that truly loves and cares about pets, the savings of medical costs can make a huge difference. And what pet parent doesn’t love that?

Make sure to take a look at their website and join in their pet caring community. You will be really happy you did. And then you can tell your friends and family about how much better Eusoh is than traditional pet insurance and start a group of your own! 

Eusoh Promo Codes and Coupons

If you join Eusoh today, you can get the following specials:

Two months free subscription ($34 value). Coupon code: HEAT or $4 off subscription price for one year. Coupon code: LUCKY

Shelter and rescue partners have the 2 months free discount for their adopters.

Benefits partners have a $2 off monthly subscription discount for ($15/month).

Join Eusoh today and start saving money!

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