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Kitty Poo Club Review: A Litter Box System That Puts Sustainability First

Cat laying next to Kitty Poo Club review box
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More and more, people are incorporating sustainability into every aspect of their lives, from how they shop for clothes to how they eat, even how they care for their pets. According to Nielsen, sales on sustainable products jumped from $107 billion in 2014 to $128 billion in 2018. And that figure shows no signs of stopping with total sales for sustainable items forecasted at 25 percent of total sales in 2021 (1). For cat owners, cat litter and litter boxes are one key area to make a sustainable shift. Enter, the innovative company Kitty Poo Club, a purveyor of biodegradable litter boxes that come pre-filled with cat litter.

What is Kitty Poo Club?

Kitty poo club review photo with two cats in the box with scoop

For cat parents who seek sustainable products, Kitty Poo Club comes delivered to your door monthly with a patented box with the actual litter itself. Eliminating the annoying periodic task of cleaning your litter box and replacing it, Kitty Poo Club makes it so that you simply swap out the old box for the new every month—and in a sustainable, eco-friendly fashion. 

Traditional plastic litter boxes are non-renewable, after all. When they’re discarded, they don’t just disappear. They’re in a landfill taking up space somewhere. In an effort to minimize the amount of plastic, Kitty Poo Club offers subscribers cardboard boxes, which are biodegradable, recyclable, and can ship without any extra packaging.

As a result of their business practices, Kitty Poo Club recycles about 8,600 pounds of cardboard and 600 pounds of plastic per month. They then reuse about 4,100 pounds of cardboard per month.

Kitty Poo Club Product Line

Kitty poo club review cat sitting outside box with plants around them

Kitty Poo Club offers everything from recyclable litter boxes and different types of litter to food and accessories. Here, you’ll find an overview of all the products this subscription and delivery service sells. 

Kitty Poo Club Litter Boxes

Kitty Poo Club litter box product

Kitty Poo Club has only one type of litter box for $22.99 per month (which comes with the litter of your choice). You can also opt for the box only without litter for $11.99. A more eco-friendly option than plastic litter boxes that eventually make their way into the landfill after use, the Kitty Poo Club litter box is made out of 100 percent recyclable materials (89 percent recycled cardboard and 11 percent recycled plastic) and derived from natural materials. It also boasts a leak-proof coating that will last 30 days. After use, there is no need to clean it. You just simply recycle it with the rest of your cardboard waste. 

They measure 19 by 15 by 10 inches, and are ideal for cats up to 25 pounds. Want to add a cardboard dome to yours for an additional $5.99? That’ll make its height 15 inches, which is more than enough for a cat’s entry and exit. 

Kitty Poo Club Bags of Litter

Kitty Poo Club litter bags

Not all litters are created equal. And typically, cats also have a preference when it comes to where they do their business. Some clump, while others don’t. Some are known for odor control, while others offer non-tracking varieties. The biggest difference between Kitty Poo’s litter types are the materials they’re made out of. Read on for details so you can compare and choose the one that’s best suited for you and your cat:

  • Diatomite: This non-clumping variety is known for odor control and absorbency. Made from natural sedimentary rock, this is also low-tracking and hypoallergenic.
  • Clay: If you want a cat litter that clumps extra hard, this one’s for you. Made of 100 percent pure and natural clay, this variety has proven to be soft on cat paws (due to its sand-like texture). Amazingly, it’s dust-free and provides decent odor control. No chemicals, dyes or scents are used in its formula. One thing to consider: Clay litter does tend to be heavier than the others.
  • Silica: This non-clumping cat litter is made from natural minerals. Trapping and eliminating urine odor, this low-tracking, practically dust-free variety also has no scents, dyes or chemicals in its formula.
  • Fine-Grain: Trapping and eliminating odor, this fine-grain litter (which has the most reviews and highest rating on Kitty Poo Club’s site) also won’t clump. While you may get moderate dust, this litter that’s derived from natural minerals doesn’t have much of a scent—which both cats and cat owners appreciate. It’s also chemical- and dye-free. 
  • Organic Soy: This litter, which does clump for easy clean-up, has odor control. Made of plant-based pellets, this variety has virtually no scent and provides low-tracking.

Kitty Poo Club Accessories

Kitty Poo Club dome accessory for on top of litter box

Kitty Poo Club also offers all of the other things that make your cat litter situation optimal. Order a cardboard dome ($5.99) for your Kitty Poo Club cardboard litter box to keep things private and clean.

Kitty Poo Club also sells a plain mat ($13.99) and a catch-all mat ($31.99) to use under your cat box for extra comfort and tidiness. Lastly, an easy-to-use litter scoop ($1.99) is available.

Kitty Poo Club Food & Treats

Kitty Poo Club food and treats example of the Tiki Cat Stix wet treats

Kitty Poo Club also offers healthy cat meals and treats in the form of dry/kibble, wet/pouch, freeze dried, and more; grain-free, high-protein, low-calorie, raw, and special diet. They carry several well-known brands, such as Blue Buffalo, Greenies, Iams, Nutro, Purina, Rachael Ray Nutrish, and Temptations (just to name a few). Basically, Kitty Poo Club can become your one-stop shop for all of your cats’ needs, so you’ll never have to go to a pet store again.

Kitty Poo Club Toys

Kitty Poo Club toys

Kitty Poo Club’s toy offerings include several items that will keep your cats happy and healthy. Choose from toys in the form of balls, mice, birds, wands, and more. Catnip, grass, and scratch pads are also available. 

Putting Kitty Poo Club to the Test

Putting Kitty Poo Club review to the test with cat coming out of the litter box

Upon receiving the packaging, I was put at ease. No extra cardboard to throw out aside from the litter box itself. Thank goodness. The thought of disposing of even more waste monthly just because something is being delivered to us was a daunting one.Amazon—with all that packaging material—is not always your friend.

We tried the fine grain litter. For some background, we’ve always used World’s Best Litter in unscented, clumping. The fine grain variety from Kitty Poo Club was the closest swap to our usual. 

We simply replaced our plastic litter box with the Kitty Poo Club cardboard litter box and fine grain litter for about a month. (We saved our old plastic litter box just in case this experiment didn’t work out.) My cats didn’t seem skeptical at all. They used the new litter box and litter without much of a transition period. Keep in mind, my cats have always been super-easy when it comes to doing their business. In our seven years of having ours, we’ve never had any incidents of them not using their box.

My biggest complaint—if you can call it that—is that this swap didn’t solve our tracking issue. We’ve always gotten a little dust with our old litter, and this one didn’t really eliminate that problem. It was an even swap. We’d probably have to switch to a different type of litter entirely, but our cats may not love it. Basically, if you want your litter to clump, be prepared to have some form of tracking or dust.

Now that we’ve given Kitty Poo Club a go, we are planning to make it a permanent switch. As for our old plastic litter box? We don’t want it to go to a landfill, which would defeat the purpose of going the sustainable route. So, we’re going to donate it to a cat shelter or to a new cat owner who needs it so we continue on this zero-waste path. 

Things We Like

Kitten standing outside box
  • The packaging was easy to open, put together and dispose of.
  • The cardboard litter box did not leak.
  • The litter did what it needed to do: our cats liked it and it was easy to clean at month’s end.

Things to Consider

Full set up of Kitty Poo Club
  • If you have more than one cat (I have two), you may need an extra bag or two of the litter on reserve for refills when the litter gets a little thin.
  • Putting together the cardboard litter box will take some getting used to. Once you’ve done it though, it’ll become an easy part of your routine.
  • There’s really no such thing as a mess-free litter box. As cats get in and out, you will get a little mess—though minimal. 
  • Definitely get the dome no matter what. It’s more money, but worth it for less mess. 

Kitty Poo Club Reviews: Customer Reviews

Cat rubbing against a Kitty Poo Club Litter Box

Interested to know what other people have said about their Kitty Poo Club litter boxes? We rounded up some of the most thoughtful reviews here:

“This. Is. Amazing. I absolutely love this product. I used to spend so much money on ‘fresh scent, odor absorbing’ kitty litter (that didn’t live up to its name). I felt so embarrassed when my sweet Drowzee Sue would go #2 in her poo poo palace when guests were over because the entire hall would stink right after. With THIS miracle, she can literally use it right in front of me and I don’t even smell it! I’m not sure how it all works but I’ve been super impressed from day 1. AND- no more scraping and scrubbing and washing the litter box! Now at the end of the month I just have to break it down and put the lid on and open up the new one! I love love love Kitty Poo Club!!” –Lisa H.

Cat sitting in front of Kitty Poo Club litter box with plants and scoop next to it

“My review of the Kitty Poo Club may be unique because I quit the club. I thought the service was great but I could go back to regular litter and save a little money. That ridiculous idea lasted a month. A smelly and inconvenient month. And our cat was not happy. She even pooped outside the box to prove her point. So I rushed back to the club and in just a few days our beloved Kitty Poo box arrived on the front porch. Mary Jane is happy again and I’m a member for life!” –Darby G.

“After being frustrated, angry and overwhelmed by our kitty’s litter box and potty accidents, let alone the smell, and the tracking we were willing to give anything a try! I saw an ad for Kitty Poo Club and checked it out and have never ever looked back! No odor, very little tracking, my kitty loves it and so do we! Keeps our home feeling fresh and clean!”—Stacie B.

“I am so glad that I have Kitty Poo Club delivered to me each month. Saves me money, saves me time, and I don’t have to carry those heavy containers upstairs. My cat, Seconds, really likes the fine-grain style. I am amazed how it controls the odor. No more stinky smell. Thank you Kitty Poo!”Dino L.

Kitty Poo Club: Our Verdict

Cat going into Kitty Poo Club litter box sitting on mat

Upon embarking on this Kitty Poo Club journey, I didn’t know what I’d think. After receiving the packaging and learning of the impact that this company makes, I can’t say enough good things. Not only will you feel great about being more sustainable about your cat litter situation, you won’t have to do the pesky monthly clean-up that is required when you have a traditional, plastic litter box. However, you will have to assemble your new cardboard box monthly, so add that to your time spent.

One of the factors I was most concerned about when it comes to delivery is having to deal with extra packaging. But, each Kitty Poo Club box is shipped in itself, if you don’t buy it in bulk. That means, there really isn’t anything else to throw out but the litter box itself after use. And when it comes to cost, it’s pretty comparable to those you buy at a pet store. In fact, if you choose the fine-grain option, you may even be saving some money, as many similar clumping options on the market can run over $25 for a monthly supply. At the end of the day, it’s ultimately up to your cat. Let’s hope your cat isn’t a giant, likes at least one of the litter options provided, and finds the box (which only comes in the one size) big enough.

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