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The 2021 Great Pet Care Gift Guide: Top Picks for Your Pets

Cat and dog standing on present

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Treat your pet to the very best this holiday season. Whether you’re pampering your pooch with a cute new collar or presenting your cat with a purr-inducing calming tincture, here are the standout gifts for dogs and cats, as chosen by the expert staff and contributors at Great Pet Care.

10 Gifts for Dogs

dog sitting with a present on top his head

The Interactive Dog Toy

Our pick: Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Interactive Toy

Planet dog orbee tuff snoop interactive toy for dogs

Treat dispensing puzzle toys are a fun way to keep your dog engaged and stimulated, especially during those colder winter months when you’re stuck indoors. Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff Snoop toy is tough, tested and trainer approved. Simply fill the translucent, squishy ball with tasty treats and sit back and watch as your dog pounces and paws to retrieve the rewards within. Available in various sizes and colors, and BPA- and phthalate-free. 

The Dog Stocking Stuffer

Our pick: The Anxious Pet Supplement Bars

Relax and Roll Supplement Bar

Your dog always appreciates when you have treats on hand, so why not stuff his stocking with some healthy goodies? Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home, these individually wrapped supplement bars from The Anxious Pet offer the total package: tasty, wholesome and convenient! Your dog will love the peanut butter and banana flavor, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing he’s also reaping the health benefits of supplements. The Relax & Roll bars are infused with melatonin, making them ideal for dogs who need relief during stressful situations. (Bonus: They’re available with or without CBD.) The Hip & Hop bars contain glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin to help promote healthy joints and reduce inflammation. Plus, the bars are veterinarian-formulated and made with all natural ingredients. No grains, gluten or GMOs here.

The Super Chewer Dog Toy

Our pick: West Paw Jive Dog Ball

west paw jive dog ball images

If your dog is famous for destroying tennis balls but can’t resist a game of fetch, you can’t go wrong with a durable dog toy. The West Paw Jive Dog Ball is tougher than a tennis ball and has an unpredictable bounce that will keep your dog on his toes. Thanks to vibrant colors, this floating ball is also easy to spot, no matter where you toss it. It’s also simple to clean—just throw the ball in the top rack of the dishwasher or give it a quick rinse under the sink! Latex-free and FDA-compliant.

The Dog ID Collar

Our pick: Engraved Nameplate Personalized Leather Dog Collar

Leather dog collars
Engraved dog collar name

This gift has your dog’s name on it. Literally. Keep him safe and stylish with an Engraved Nameplate Personalized Leather Dog Collar. Every collar is conditioned with a combination of natural beeswax, lanolin, and emu, tea tree and eucalyptus oils. Choose from brown, tan or black leather and solid brass or solid stainless steel hardware. But don’t delay—the creation of your handmade, customized collar could take up to two weeks, so plan accordingly if you want it to arrive in time for the holidays.

The Dog Training Treats

Our pick: Zuke’s Mini Naturals

Zuke's mini natural treats

Training is a great way to strengthen your bond with your dog, but you won’t get very far without a tasty reward! The best training treats are big in flavor but low in calories, and Zuke’s Mini Naturals fit the bill. These tender, 3-calorie morsels are made with high-value ingredients, like protein-rich meat, wholefood berries, and savory herbs, plus added vitamins and minerals. The Peanut Butter & Oats Recipe is sure to please, but they also come in seasonal flavors like Turkey & Cranberry! All recipes are corn, wheat and soy free.

The Dog Dental Chews

Our pick: Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs

Oral hygiene chews for dogs

Gift your dog a bag of dental chews and you’ll get the greatest gift in return—fresh doggie breath! Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews (that’s a mouthful, we know!) can reduce plaque and tartar, keep teeth clean and freshen breath. Give your dog one of these all-beef rawhide chews daily and let his teeth handle the rest. Did we mention they’re basted in poultry flavor? Plus, Virbac is an established dental brand that comes recommended by veterinary professionals.

The Dog Grooming Products

Our pick: Rowan Coat Care Collection

Rowan product group

Clean beauty and self-care routines aren’t just for humans anymore. Pamper your pooch with Rowan, a premium coat care collection for dogs. Their human-grade formulas are rich in plant-based oils like coconut and argan that will leave your dog’s coat shiny and skin nourished, without using nasties like harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, silicones or dyes. That’s what we call doubling down on clean! The collection features a hydrating fur wash, a conditioning hair wash, a dry shampoo, a refreshing coat spritz, and a shimmering coat creme. With the Fur Bundle, you can clean up with the fur wash, coat refresh, and coat shimmer. Cruelty-free and veterinary dermatologist approved.

The Dog Harness

Our pick: Freedom No-Pull Training Dog Harness

Dog wearing a no-pull training harness

If pull-free walks seem like an unattainable dream, we have just the gift for you and your dog. The Freedom No-Pull Harness by 2Hounds Design is a popular nylon strap harness that comes with a double connection leash. The leash attaches at the chest and on the back to give you an added layer of control on walks. The result is a harness that minimizes (or eliminates) pulling and neck strain—and the chance of escape. What’s more, the Swiss velvet-lined chest strap helps avoid chafing behind the front legs. Walk on!

The Dog Boots

Our pick: QUMY Waterproof Dog Boots

Waterproof dog boots

Want to put your best foot forward this winter? Keep your dog’s paws dry and warm (and your floors clean) with a set of high-quality dog boots. Made from water-resistant material, these QUMY Dog Boots can be worn in wet, dry, hot or cold conditions. The tough, anti-slip soles provide stability, traction and protection for your pup. And thanks to a wide split seam opening and adjustable velcro straps, they’re easy to pull on and off. Available in seven sizes and cute to boot!

The Designer Dog Bed

Our pick: Bali Microvelvet Divine Futon Dog Bed

Dog laying on dog bed

For the pup who has it all, the Bali Microvelvet Divine Futon Dog Bed by Bowswer delivers everything and more. Contoured, overstuffed bolsters surround a cool gel memory foam center for ultimate comfort. Watch with admiration (or maybe a little envy?) as your dog cozies up in the hallowed nesting area. Not only does the blue microvelvet fabric look posh, the cover unzips for easy cleaning. Machine wash and dry on cool. Divine indeed!

10 Gifts for Cats

The Cat Stocking Stuffer

Our pick: Knit Chocolate Kiss Cat Toy

Chocolate kiss cat toy

Sure cats can’t have real chocolate kisses, but this is way better! The adorable kiss is filled with catnip and hand-knit in wool that’s colored with all-natural dyes to look like a delicious candy treat. The cute little face will be a welcome sight, as your cat is sure to bat this little guy all over the house. Best of all this toy is a fair-trade product that supports the employment of craftswomen in Nepal.

The Leather Breakaway Cat Collar

Our pick: Athens Leather and Crystal Cat Collar

Cat wearing a leather cat collar

We’re pretty sure cats know how beautiful they are, scientifically speaking. Give your gorgeous feline an accessory to show off with this glittering but lightweight leather and rhinestone collar. If your cat is especially frisky, never fear. Each collar is constructed with a safety elastic breakaway and a warning bell. The leather and crystal collars are available in two sizes and five colors, so there’s something for every cat on your list!

The Cat Tag

Our pick: Silently Judging You Engraved Pet Tag

Silently Judging you cat tag

Your cat is watching what you do. And with each glance, with each slow blink, your cat is judging you. You know it’s the truth. So why not score some points and gift your cat with the “Silently Judging You” pet tag? With such a sophisticated and stylish gift, surely the judgment will lessen. Or will it?

The Dog-Proof Litter Box

Our pick: Furrytail Glow House

Two cats in a litter box house

If you’re a cat, nothing says “I love you,” more than a little sanctuary for doing your business away from the dog. Think of it as a bathroom remodel. And if you’re going to remodel, might as well go for a truly chic design, right? That’s why we love the architectural aesthetic of the Furrytail Glow House. It’s designed to look like a house, and it keeps the dog out, and litter in, with an ingenious little hallway that ends in a tiny door for your cat. No dogs allowed.

The Cat CBD Oil

Our pick: The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil

Bottle of CBD hemp oil for cats

Your cat may not notice it when you drop a little CBD oil into their food, but you’ll surely see the way it provides instant anxiety relief. The holidays can bring on hyperactivity, nervousness, destructive behaviors, and more. (This is for the cats, by the way, although humans can relate). We love The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp oil for its calming properties as well as its ability to reduce inflammation, a key benefit for older cats.

The Cat Treats

Our pick: Inaba Ciao Grain-Free Grilled Tuna Fillet Extra Tender in Tuna Flavored Broth

Tuna cat treats

Crunchy treats are easy to serve, but if you are looking for a way to show your love, a chewy, tender, hydrating fishy fillet is the way to go. These grilled tuna fillets from Inaba Ciao are made with squid-flavored broth, a healthy and seriously delectable bonus. Each tuna filet is enhanced with Vitamin E, to sneak in an extra nutritive boost, meaning you can feel good about this treat too.

The Cat Toy

Our pick: Flippity Fish Cat Toy

Kicker fish toys look and act like live fish. It’s as if your cat just scooped one out of a stream. They flop, and wiggle with an internal motor, making them perfect to wake up your little hunter’s prey instincts. Our pick is the Flippity Fish. It looks real and uses a built-in sensor to activate when your cat is close by. Plus it has a washable cover and a fishing pole, so you can join in on the fun.

The Cat Tree Condo

Our pick: Trixie Cat Tower

cat tree condo

Not only does this cat tree look like a cozy work of art, but it’s also more than a tree. It’s a climbable set of kitty condos. The interiors are plush for warm naps and people-watching and its exteriors are sisal, for lots of satisfying scratching. The size is relatively compact for a cat tree measuring 48.2 inches in height, 18 inches in width, and 18 inches in length, but it weighs a hefty 60 lbs, which is good news since every cat needs a tree that’s nice and sturdy.

The Ceramic Cat Bowl

Our pick: Meow Cat Bowl

meow cat bowl

The pretty white ceramic Meow Cat Bowl boasts more than just a sleek design. It’s made from extra thick ceramic with a broad base, making it nearly impossible to flip or tip, no matter how excited (read: demanding) your sweet cat gets at mealtimes. The design is also extra deep to keep food from flying onto your countertops. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe too, in case your kitty likes their food warmed to a perfect temperature.

The Cat Scratcher

Our pick: YouThink Cat Scratcher

cat laying in cat scratcher

This cardboard ring makes a great napping nook or scratch toy. For variety, it folds into five

different shapes (and flat for easy storage). We like to think it’s not just a cat scratcher. With so many fun options for play and nap-time, it’s also a head-scratcher for your cat!

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