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6 Best Cat Kicker Fish Toys

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All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author. However, GreatPetCare may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Everyone knows that cats like to hunt and stalk their prey. It’s an instinct that’s primal and innate. 

In the wild, cats would probably play riverside and try to hunt real, live fish. Since that’s not an option in your home, consider cat kicker fish toys as a way to get your cat active. 

If you’re not familiar with this type of feline entertainment, keep reading for all the details. We’ll share our favorite kicker fish toy picks to keep your kitty active and enriched.  

What Are Cat Kicker Fish Toys?

Kicker fish toys are cat toys that look and act like live fish. They flop, wiggle, and dance, making them an ideal, interactive option for felines that like to pounce and hunt. 

Most cat kicker fish toys are battery operated and contain some type of motor. They move around on their own and encourage cats to attack. Some even have motion sensors that cause the toys to wriggle when your kitty walks by! Cats can wrestle, paw, hold on to, and roll with these engaging, unique toys. 

What to Look For in a Cat Kicker Fish Toy?

Cat playing with fish toy

While you shop for these interactive toys, consider the following factors:

Materials Used: You’ll want a product that’s made of durable materials. After all, your cat will be pouncing on it, scratching it, pawing it, and biting it. In addition, since you care about your feline, you should opt for reputable retailers/makers that don’t use any toxic materials. 

How It Moves: How lazy are you? Motion sensor is the way to go if you want your cat to play independently. This means, when your cat goes near it, the kicker fish toy will move on its own (like magic!). If you want to interact with your kitty during playtime, get an option that has an attachment for a stick or rod. That way, you can flip-flop it instead of using a motor of some kind. 

Catnip Features: Ask yourself, how does your cat respond to catnip? If catnip gets your fur baby moving and engaged, get a cat kicker fish toy that comes equipped with a catnip pouch—and one that you can refill easily.

How to Clean It: No one wants a stinky, dirty cat toy. Make sure the kicker fish toy you purchase is either washable by hand or machine. Many of them come with a cover that can be removed from the body of the “fish” and its motor. 

How We Ranked Our Top Cat Kicker Fish Toys

We rounded up the best cat kicker fish toys on the market, factoring in the different features you may be looking for, as well as innovation (specifically, if the toy comes with a motion sensor).

Within those different specifications, we narrowed down the list by looking at overall ratings, plus the number of reviews. In other words, we selected the kicker fish toys with 4-star ratings or higher and those with hundreds (or more!) of positive reviews. 

In addition to looking at the pros according to customers, we also considered the cons. Not every cat toy is perfect, but depending on your needs (and your cat!) and our knowledge of what cats enjoy in a domestic setting, we give you all you need to know to make a good purchase below.

Best Overall Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Our Pick: Flippity Fish Cat Toy

Kicker fish toy Flippity Fish

Surprise—this Flippity Fish is not a real fish even though it looks just like one. Providing hours of interactive play and exercise, your cat will enjoy this toy as if she’s playing out in the wild. This cat kicker fish toy flips and flops using a built-in motion sensor, which is why it’s one of our favorites. It activates when your kitty is close by or interacts with the toy. A refillable catnip pouch is also a feature in this toy to entice your cat further.


  • One cycle of charge using the rechargeable USB cable will last days.
  • Made with non-toxic materials.
  • Features a machine-washable cover.
  • Comes with a fishing pole so you can interact with your cat during play.

Things to Consider

  • This makes sounds cats love, so you’d have to be okay with a little noise.

Best Realistic-Looking Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Our Pick: Potaroma Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Pataroma fish cat toy

This realistic flopping fish toy will quickly become your cat’s favorite toy. With the look of rainbow trout, this automatic cat toy will move every time your cat touches it. It has a built-in motion sensor that makes it wiggle. Infused with catnip, it can also relieve your fur baby of both boredom and depression. 


  • A USB cable will give it charge, so you won’t need batteries. 
  • You can detach the chargeable motor so you can wash the cloth, non-toxic cover.

Things to Consider

  • The motor isn’t exactly silent, so hopefully your cat doesn’t get scared of a little hum. 

Sample Buyer Review: “Since opening this toy, my cat has refused to put it down. He has spent literal hours just carrying it everywhere with him and watching it until the battery finally died and he lost interest. Luckily, the fish has a rechargeable battery so I just plugged the fish in overnight and it was as good as new in the morning. He likes to carry the fish everywhere with him, it even came bird watching on the windowsill with him.”

Flopping Fish Cat Toys: Best Variety

Our Pick: Beewarm Electric Flopping Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Beewarm cat fish toy

While most of the cat fish toys on the market look like trout, this one made by Beewarm comes in seven different variations. Choose from: catfish, devil fish, grass carp, koi, salmon, shark, and silver arowana. You can choose one or go for a whole school of fish to keep your kitty entertained. 


  • Flops automatically when charged (using a USB cable).
  • Made of cotton and short plush, so it’s soft to the touch.
  • No chemicals or hazardous substances in this product.

Things to Consider

  • Stuffed with cat mint—not catnip—to excite your cat. There’s a difference, and cats may react accordingly. 

Sample Buyer Review: “I like that it will flip and flop, then stop. Then once it senses movement, it starts flipping again. So if my cat walked away it’s not flopping for hours. It is a little loud, but it doesn’t bother me. Great quality and adorable looking! We would definitely purchase again.”

Best Moving Fish Cat Toy

Our Pick: BlackHole Litter Mat Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy 

Blackhole robot fish toy

We love this fish cat toy that moves in water. Though you’ll need a pool, tub, or giant bowl to put it in, it’ll provide hours of fun for your fur babies. This set comes with 4 different-colored swimming robot fish toys–and none even need an on or off button. Once these “robot” fish encounter water, their swimming feature will be activated. That means, they’ll start wiggling and swimming around as soon as they take a dip.


  • Once you take them out of the water, they’ll automatically turn off.
  • Built-in LEDs will flash and fins will move when turned on.
  • Batteries are included, but you will need to install them when ready to use.

Things to Consider

  • Your cat will likely not be into this if he or she is already not a fan of water. 

Sample Buyer Review: “Caught the attention of all of my cats! It’s rare to see them all in the same room but somehow this toy brought them together. The package comes with spare batteries and a small tool also. Great quality for the price!”

Best Cat Kicker Fish Toy With Catnip

Our Pick: Kitty Kick Stix Fish Stix Kickers 

Kitty Kick Stix cat toy

We love this toy from Kitty Kick Stix because it comes with an extra large bag of Kitty Kick Sticks Premium Catnip! Refill as necessary. Choose from a 9-inch long pacific saury, 10-inch long mackerel, 11-inch long goldfish, or 11-inch long salmon. 


  • Each Kitty Kick Stix toy is handmade in the United States.
  •  Includes a hidden zipper pocket where you can add catnip.
  • Every set ordered provides a donation to an animal shelter of your choice.

Things to Consider

  • Once used, this item cannot be returned. The seller says to make sure your cat enjoys catnip before you buy.  

Best Cat Kicker Fish Toy With Sensor

Our Pick: Kittenfy Floppy Fish Cat Toy

Kittenfy fish toys

By now you can see that many of these flipping fish toys are quite similar. Another one we love is this one from Kittenfy that comes equipped with a sensor so it flops all on its own. Cats can make it flop by activating its motion sensor. And, there’s no need to turn it off. It does it automatically. Choose from four types or just buy a 4-pack if you want them all.


  • A refillable catnip pouch is also included.
  • Use its USB to recharge.
  • Fabric is scratch-resistant and will withstand lots of cat play. 

Things to Consider

  • Overall, reviews of this kicker fish toy are positive, but one reviewer did have an issue with the charger durability. “It was pretty cool but my cat destroyed the charger on the second day.”  
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