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18 Best Dog Toys to Bring Your Pup Joy

Dog playing with holiday toy
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Whether you’ve had a dog as part of your family for years or were part of the adoption boom during the pandemic, keeping your pup active, entertained, and enriched is a big part of pet parenthood. And choosing the best dog toys based on your dog’s lifestyle and personality is an important step to ensuring your dog remains happy and fulfilled. 

But with pet stores and online shops jam packed with different types of playthings that squeak, squish, and rattle, choosing good toys for dogs may feel like an overwhelming task. But don’t worry—that’s where we come in.

Not only is our editorial team well-versed in the latest dog-toy trends, but we also have in-house experts ranging from veterinarians and dog trainers to pet-product merchandisers to help narrow down the top dog toy picks for year-round fun. This list offers up the best of the best—paws down.

Dog Toy Safety and Shopping Tips

While it may seem that randomly selecting a dog toy is low risk, the truth is that different toys are made for different types of dogs and different types of activities. If your dog is a super chewer who destroys all toys in his path, a cute plush toy with a squeaker may not be the best fit. In that case, opting for a durable dog toy is your best bet. On the other hand, if your tiny Chihuahua likes to carry around a toy in her mouth, she may not enjoy a heavy, hard-to-chew choice. 

To find the best dog toys for your pup, consider the following tips when shopping:

Choose the right size. Not only can it be uncomfortable for a dog to play with the wrong-size dog toy, but it can also be dangerous. Small toys can be a choking hazard to large dogs and bigger, tougher toys can cause dental problems for smaller pups. Before buying a toy, check the label to make sure it’s appropriate for your dog’s size and weight. 

Be careful of small parts and pieces. If your dog has a habit of gnawing, it’s a good idea to avoid toys with small accessories like bells, ribbons, or easy-to-remove eyes, since these things can pose a choking risk or put your dog at risk of an intestinal obstruction or digestive problems if swallowed. Either avoid these dog toys altogether or remove any small pieces that could be dangerous. 

Consider your dog’s needs. Finding the right toy for your dog largely depends on your pup’s interests and lifestyle. If your dog has a need for speed, a ball launcher or a dog toy for fetch may be the perfect fit. Or maybe you have a dog with separation anxiety. If this is the case, an interactive puzzle toy could keep your dog’s mind occupied. If your dog is a super chewer, look for tough toys that won’t rip apart easily. Additionally, if you have a puppy, there are specific toys that help with their development and that won’t hurt their tiny puppy teeth! 

Always be sure you can supervise. Regardless of what type of dog toy you choose, make sure it’s something you can supervise your dog with while playing. Even the most durable toys can become problematic if your dog is determined and other harder chew toys could be challenging for your dog’s teeth. Keep an eye on your dog while playing to make sure they stay safe. 

Best Chew Toys for Dogs

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author. However, Great Pet Care may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

If you have a dog that likes to sink his teeth in a toy, these dog chew toys are the perfect options for pups of all sizes and chew levels. 

GoDog Skinny Green Dragon Toy with Chew Guard

GoDog Dragon Toy

It’s not easy to find a plush toy that is also tough. But dog trainer Tonya Wilhelm slots this dragon-themed toy into her list of top durable dog toys. She says that her dog Dexter tugged this toy for several years without so much as a chew mark. Plus, we’re all big fans of the cute design. The brand’s Chew Guard Technology gives this soft toy extra strength and it comes with a squeaker for dogs who love to chew and squeak at the same time. 


  • Chew Guard Technology makes this plush more durable than other soft dog toys.
  • While we love the dragon design, there are other fun choices too.
  • Machine washable.

Things to Consider

  • This toy may not stand up to really tough chewers—especially the wings and tail.
  • It does contain a squeaker, so if you’re not a fan of noise, it’s best to avoid this one. 

West Paw Jive Ball Dog Toy

West Paw Jive Dog Toy

If you’re looking for a fun, bouncy ball for fetch that also doubles as a good chew-resistant option, the West Paw Jive Ball toy is a favorite. The shape gives this ball an erratic bounce, which keeps pups on their toes and the latex-free ball stands up to tough chew sessions. As a bonus, this ball is water resistant and can be used in the water (it floats) and in the snow, so it’s a great chew-friendly option all year round. 


  • Tough and durable dog chew toy for fetch.
  • Floats and is waterproof.
  • Brightly colored, so it’s easy to find and retrieve.
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in three sizes, so all types of dogs can get in on the fun.

Things to Consider

  • Not completely indestructible, so be careful if your dog is a super chewer.
  • Some people find the ball a bit heavy to throw and retrieve.
  • Some dogs may not like the shape of the ball. 

Benebone Wishbone Dental Dog Chew Toy

Benebone dog toy

Dogs that love to chew will appreciate the real bacon flavor on this Benebone chew toy. These tough, nylon, bone-shaped chews are made in the USA and designed so that dogs can get a good angle no matter how the bone is positioned. While the bone is flavored with bacon, it is not edible and it won’t last forever (though they do last quite a long time!). 


  • Bacon flavor is a dog favorite.
  • Designed to give dogs lots of chewing angles.
  • Ridges on the toy help to provide dental benefits.
  • Made in the USA.

Things to Consider

  • ALWAYS supervise dogs when chewing on this toy. Very strong chewers may break off pieces, which could become a choking hazard.
  • The toy is very hard and could lead to chipped teeth if dogs are not supervised.
  • Make sure to choose the right size, so the chew toy fits your dog’s mouth. 

Best Plush Dog Toys

There’s just something extra adorable about a dog cuddled up with a plush dog toy after an all-out play session. Plush toys may not be the most durable options, but they definitely make our pets happy. And that’s all that matters. Here are a few of the absolute best plush toys for pups. 

foufouBRANDS Unicorn Plush Dog Toy

Unicorn plush dog toy

Seriously, is there anything more adorable than a dog carrying around a little toy unicorn in his mouth? We think not. This super sweet plush dog toy is shaped like the most magical of creatures, complete with rainbow hair and metallic horn and hooves. And for pups who like sounds, this soft dog toy features a squeaker inside. So cute! 


  • Adorable unicorn design.
  • Contains a squeaker.
  • Available in two different sizes. 

Things to Consider

  • Not a durable dog toy. Dogs should be supervised when playing. 
  • As with most plush toys, it has lots of stuffing. If your dog destroys it, stuffing will be everywhere.

HugSmart Plush Pineapple with Hidden Sloth Dog Toy

Sloth and Pineapple plush dog toy

Do you know what your dog really wants? A soft, squishy sloth hidden in a plush pineapple—that’s what. This is a great interactive option that lets dogs find the surprise inside, and the squeaker and velcro sounds just add to the overall experience. Plus, if you squint, you can imagine that you, your dog, and his new sloth friend are all taking a break on a tropical beach somewhere. 


  • Acts as an interactive puzzle toy.
  • Very cute sloth and pineapple design.
  • Less stuffing than other dog toys.

Things to Consider

  • It’s not the most challenging puzzle toy.
  • The sloth is squeaky. Be aware. 

Dog Diggin Designs Chewnel Bone Dog Toy

Chewnel designer plush dog toy

If your dog happens to be a fashionista at heart, this “Chewnel” plush dog bone toy is the must-have accessory of every season. The Chanel-inspired toy is made to look like a designer purse with quilted design, charms, and a gold chain accent. It also includes a squeaker for extra fashionable fun. 


  • Designer-inspired dog toy.
  • Squeaker inside for entertainment.
  • Sleek-black and gold color scheme.

Things to Consider

  • Not durable for tough chewers. 
  • On the pricier side for a plush toy—but hey, it’s designer.

Best Dog Rope Toys

Rope toys for dogs are a fun way to play an interactive game of tug-of-war with your pup. The strong and sturdy options on our list make for plenty of exciting play!

House Dogge Merino Wool Binky Bone Dog Toy

House Dogge Merino Wool rope toy

You might not expect a dog rope toy to be stylish and cool, but these merino wool options from House Dogge are exactly that. An organic cotton rope attaches to a sturdy wool bone and gives dogs plenty of places to grab and tug. These rope toys are 100% natural, made in the USA, and feature a great selection of colors. Plus, we love them because they are eco-friendly and completely biodegradable. 


  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Very stylish for a dog toy.
  • Small, woman-owned business.
  • Dyed with natural, pet-safe colors.
  • Available in two different sizes.
  • Durable for non-aggressive chewers.

Things to Consider

  • Color selection is on the minimalistic side—no crazy choices here.
  • It’s on the expensive side for a rope toy, but it’s so chic! 

Harry Barker Peace on Earth Rope Dog Toy

Harry Barker dog rope toy

Peace, love, and happiness. That’s what we want to give our dogs 24-7. And this peace-sign dog rope toy is sure to spark joy in your household anytime of year. This eco-friendly dog toy is sturdy and it’s circular shape ensures a good grip for both dogs and their pet parents during tugging wars. Plus, it’s disc-like shape makes it a fun fetch toy if you can pry it away from your pup. 


  • Eco-friendly made from tough cotton.
  • Circular shape is unique in a rope toy.
  • Cute peace sign design.

Things to Consider

  • Be careful when playing with aggressive chewers, since the circular shape makes your hands closer to your pup’s chompers! 
  • One size, so may not be the best fit for all dog breeds. 

RUFFLY Hucker Fetch Rope Dog Toy

Ruffly dog rope toy

While this dog rope toy may look a little basic, the design is actually perfect for playtime. The knotted ball is the ideal spot for your dog to grip and the loop handle makes it easy to hold during a tugging match and throw for a game of fetch. The weighted knot makes this toy go further when thrown too! Plus, this toy is handmade indigenous artisans in Guatemala from all-natural rope. It’s a great option for dogs that like to play rough.


  • Handmade in Guatemala by skilled artisans.
  • All natural rope.
  • Weighted knot is great for gripping and throwing.
  • Available in two different sizes.

Things to Consider

  • Make sure to supervise pups. This is a durable toy, but the knots can be dangerous if chewed off.
  • Even the small size might be a bit too big for some toy and small-breed dogs. Check the measurements.

Best Dog Puzzle Toys

If you’re looking for a dog toy to stimulate your dog’s senses and boost brain power, dog puzzle toys are the way to go. Treats are hidden in these interactive toys for your dog to find by pushing or pawing pieces out of the way. Here are a few of the best dog puzzle toys on the market. 

Nina Ottosson Brick Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

Nina Ottosson Brick Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

This is hands-down one of our favorite dog puzzle toys because it offers three different treat-hiding features and keeps your dog guessing and having fun! It offers flip-open compartments and movable bone pieces that your dog can budget and move to reveal the prize. This is the perfect option for an anxious dog who needs to keep his mind busy or bored dogs who can use mental stimulation. Plus, it’s easy to clean and very well made.


  • Different types of treat hiding makes this toy challenging.
  • Scent holes allow dogs to sniff out the treats.
  • Great for anxious or bored dogs.
  • Can help keep dogs amused and prevent destructive behaviors.

Things to Consider

  • There are small pieces, so dogs should be supervised when playing.
  • This is a pretty challenging toy, so some dogs may become frustrated.
  • It needs to be hand-washed—no dishwasher.

P.L.A.Y. Trailblazing Tent Dog Toy

PLAY dog tent puzzle toy

We love the great outdoors and adventuring with our pups, so we definitely appreciate this tent-style dog puzzle toy. What’s great about this particular toy is its simplicity. The tent design makes it fun and easy for dogs to burrow and pull out the “sleeping bags” from the inside. You can stuff treats inside the sleeping bag toys, so your dog is motivated to pull them out. Although this is a soft dog puzzle toy, it’s well made and durable with double-stitched edges. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic bottles. 


  • Simple shape and design makes this a good fit for dogs of all skill sets.
  • Eco-friendly and recycled materials.
  • Includes squeaker and crinkle sleeping bag toys for added fun.
  • Handmade.
  • Machine washable.

Things to Consider

  • Not a great option for tough chewers.
  • May not be challenging enough for some dogs.

LOOBANI Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toy

Loobani puzzle dog toy

For an extra challenge at dinner time or at snack time, the LOOBANI puzzle feeder toy is pretty cool. The sturdy base holds up three treat jars that feature different-sized holes at the top to dispense treats or kibble as your dog paws at them or nudges them with his nose. This is a great option for incorporating play into dinner time because it acts as a slow feeder and can slow down dogs that like to gulp their dinners. There are adjustable heights, so you can make it fit right for your dog.


  • Sturdy base and cool design—it’s not an eyesore in the house. 
  • Does double duty as a toy and a slow feeder.
  • Adjustable height can accommodate dogs of all sizes.
  • Really interactive and forces dogs to work hard to get the treats out.

Things to Consider

  • Many pet parents have said this is challenging. Some dogs may get frustrated.
  • Some dogs tend to chew on the bottle lids, and the toy does not come with replacement lids.

Best Dog Squeaky Toys

Squeakers are lots of fun for dogs—even if they can be a bit much for pet parents to handle. For dogs that like to squeak the day away, here are our best dog squeaky toy picks. 

VIP Products Tuffy Mighty Microfiber Dino Dog Toy

VIP Tuffy dinosaur dog squeak toy

Why settle for one squeaker when you can have six in one toy?!? Yep, this cool dinosaur toy is stuffed with six different squeaky balls, which replace the traditional dog toy stuffing. The result? Hours and hours of entertainment for your squeak-loving pup. Plus, the microfiber exterior has a unique texture that dogs really like. It’s a cute, durable dog squeaky toy that we’re big fans of. 


  • Minimal stuffing.
  • Unique microfiber texture.
  • It floats! 
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning. 

Things to Consider

  • This toy has six squeakers. If you don’t like the noise, this isn’t the toy for you.
  • Dogs should be supervised when playing with this. It’s not indestructible.
  • Only one size, so make sure it’s sized appropriately for your dog. 

ZippyPaws Happy Hour Crusherz Rosé Dog Toy

Rose plush dog squeak toy

Every day should be a celebration when you have your dog by your side. So whether you’re enjoying a big brunch or clinking glasses at yappy hour, this Rosé dog squeaky toy is a big hit. We love this toy because it turns any used plastic water bottle into a ton of fun. Simply place this plush covering over the bottle for lots of crinkly and crackle sounds as your dog chews. Plus, the cap comes with a squeaker, so dogs get a variety of sounds from one chic toy. What’s not to love? 


  • Uses any water bottle to make it crackle and squeak. Win-win.
  • Super cute wine-inspired design.
  • It’s soft exterior is cozy and fun.
  • You can freeze the interior water bottle for some cooling summer play.

Things to Consider

  • Definitely not for heavy chewers. Supervise your dog while playing with this.
  • Some dogs may not like the crackle sound of the water bottle.
  • It may be a little large for toy and small-breed dogs.

Multipet Latex Polka Dot Globken Chicken Squeaky Dog Toy

Multipet Latex Polka Dot Globken Chicken Squeaky Dog Toy

If you’re looking for a latex squeaky dog toy, this chicken-shaped one is a favorite of many dogs (and their pet parents). It’s lightweight, which makes it a great option for fetching and retrieving. Lots of pups like to carry this toy around in their mouths and settle down to squeak it. Plus, this dog squeak toy is surprisingly sturdy and can hold up to lots of chewing and play. 


  • Lightweight and easy to throw for games of fetch.
  • Has an irregular bounce that dogs enjoy.
  • Very squeaky and squawky. 
  • Available in two different sizes.
  • Really affordable price point.

Things to Consider

  • The colors vary, so you can’t choose the color you want. 
  • This toy squeaks loudly. Some pups may be a bit turned off by the sound.
  • It is durable for a squeaky toy, but it doesn’t stand up against heavy chewers.

Best Tough Dog Toys

If you have a super chewer and want something that is tough and durable and will hold up to plenty of rowdy play, look no further. These tough dog toys are strong, sturdy, and pup approved.

American Dog Firehose Dog Toy

American Dog firehose tough dog toy

If your dog likes to play rough, you need a firehose dog toy, made from extra durable firehouse material. And this one from American Dog is the perfect option for all sorts of wear and tear. Not only is the body of the toy strong, but the handle is crafted from 1680 ballistic nylon, so it won’t rip or break. It’s the perfect size for a game of tug with medium and large-breed dogs. 


  • Made from durable firehose materials and ballistic nylon.
  • Good size for medium and large breeds.
  • Stands up to rough play and tugging.
  • Small, woman-owned business.

Things to Consider

  • While this tough dog toy is great for play, it’s not meant to be chewed.
  • The red, white, and blue colors may not be everyone’s favorite.

Jojo Modern Tire of Fun Dog Toy

JoJo Modern Tough Dog Toy

Whether you want to play a game of fetch or let your dog gnaw on a tough toy and expend some energy, this durable dog toy shaped like a tire is the perfect pick. This tough dog toy from Jojo Modern is made from recycled rubber. Plus, it features different ridges and textures that are a hit for dogs that like to chew and they provide dental benefits for your pup. 


  • The shape is great for fetch or non-aggressive chewing.
  • The nubs and bumps help remove tartar from teeth.
  • Made from recycled rubber.
  • It’s definitely durable. 

Things to Consider

  • The toy has some give to it—it’s not extra hard.
  • As with other tough dog toys, supervision is still recommended. 

Outward Hound Invincibles Dog Toy

outward hound invincibles tough dog toy

This tough dog toy was designed with durability in mind. It contains NO STUFFING, so if dogs do chew through it, there won’t be a mess left in your living room. But hopefully the reinforced, double-layer seams and Dura-Tuff lining will hold up to even the strongest pups. Plus, this toy contains multiple squeakers, the squeaky pieces are designed to keep squeaking even if punctured. Plus, the exterior of the toy is still soft enough to be cuddly for when you’re dog needs a rest from all that play. 


  • Dura-Tuff lining and reinforced seams make this extra strong.
  • No stuffing inside.
  • Features squeakers that continue to squeak even if punctured.
  • Fun snake design. 
  • It’s great for interactive play with your dog.

Things to Consider

  • While it’s tough, it’s definitely not indestructible for determined chewers.
  • It is a bit long, which some dogs (and pet parents) may not enjoy.
  • Colors vary and you cannot pick your chosen color. 
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