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FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats and Pet Tincture Review

Happy dog holding CBD treats bag from FOMO Bones
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Our pets are just as stressed out as we are. Whether the pandemic has caused your four-legged family member to become anxious about changes to their daily schedule or your pet is picking up on your own emotions and rising stress levels, stress is all too common in companion animals. Other stress triggers in dogs can include loud noises, being left home alone while you’re away at work or running errands, and car rides (especially when you’re headed to the vet!).

To ease their pets’ nerves, many owners are turning to CBD dog treats and CBD oil for pets as a calming solution. Usage of pet CBD has been on the rise in recent years. According to a Research and Markets report, the global pet CBD market is expected to hit $4.79 billion by 2028, with anxiety and stress noted as one of the fastest growing segments (1).

Let’s take a closer look at why pet parents are using CBD for dog anxiety, plus we’ll give our honest review of a CBD pet tincture and CBD dog treats from San Diego-based FOMO Bones.

CBD for Dog Anxiety: A Closer Look

Adding tincture to dog food for dog CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound derived from the flowers, stalks, and leaves of the Cannabis sativa plant. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the main psychoactive component of cannabis, CBD is non-intoxicating and won’t get your pet “high.” What it can do is influence your dog’s brain activity, which may help reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, more than 75 percent of veterinary participants in a 2018 survey reported that CBD was helpful for reducing anxiety in dogs (2). Recent studies have uncovered other potential benefits of pet CBD, including reducing epileptic seizures, easing osteoarthritis pain, and improving mobility in dogs (3, 4, 5).

While more research is needed on the use of CBD in dogs and cats, many pet parents have reported that pet CBD products, like oils and treats, have helped to relieve their pet’s anxiety, aid in sleeping, reduce inflammation, and provide pain relief, among other perceived benefits (6).

What Is FOMO Bones?

Product overview of FOMO Bones cute girl on couch with dog

FOMO Bones makes CBD soft chews for dogs and a pet CBD oil tincture, featuring CBD sourced directly from U.S. farms. Their products are manufactured in a facility in San Diego, California, that is National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) certified. In addition to CBD isolate, FOMO Bones includes other calming ingredients in their CBD dog treats, such as passion flower, L-tryptophan, valerian root, and chamomile. Their CBD oil for pets contains hemp extract, MCT oil, and natural flavor. Their products are GMO-free, do not contain any pesticides, and come with the Good Manufacturing Practice seal, which means they meet rigorous quality standards. 

The company markets their treats as being 100 percent natural and helping pets to stay calm when faced with FOMO, aka “Fear of Missing Out.” This includes helping a pet to combat separation anxiety and to relax in the face of loud noises like thunder and fireworks, during trips to the veterinarian, and during car and plane rides. FOMO Bones also says its pet CBD can help combat nervous licking and can help a pet to feel more confident in uncertain situations. 

FOMO Bones Product Line

Dog eating a treat from FOMO Bones product line

FOMO Bones come in two varieties. Their CBD soft chews for dogs include 20 bone-shaped chews per pouch and contain 5 mg of CBD oil per treat. Dogs 10-50 pounds can have one treat a day, while dogs 51 pounds and up will require two bones. These pet CBD soft chews are flavored with cheese powder, natural beef protein and bacon flavor, which creates a flavor that many pets enjoy, without tasting too herbal in the process.

FOMO Bones also offers a rotisserie chicken-flavored CBD pet tincture. Each bottle contains 500 mg of CBD and each dropper has 17 mg. Dogs under 25 pounds can have one-third of a dropper per day, dogs 25 to 75 will need half a dropper, and dogs over 75 pounds need a full dropper. 

Both products are third-party tested at a facility that has nano-testing capabilities, which assures their purity down to the nanoparticles. The products are tested for CBD quantity, yeast and mold, as well as other bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. 

FOMO Bones products come in fun packages with a white and orange color scheme. There is a warning label on the packaging that this is not CBD for human consumption and is for pets only.

Putting FOMO Bones to the Test

Putting FOMO bones product to the test and dropping tincture into the food

I have a Rat Terrier who absolutely hates going to the veterinarian. When our usual veterinarian was out of town, Rocky had to go in and see a new doctor. It was an office he had never visited before, but I knew he’d realize where he was going the second he walked into the door and would start panicking. To help calm Rocky’s nerves before his appointment, I decided to give him FOMO Bones CBD soft chews for dogs. 

According to the instructions, since Rocky weighs 23 pounds, his dosage is one bone per day. Getting him to eat a treat is not hard, and FOMO Bones were no different. The second I pulled out the bag, Rocky came running over. He had been shaking earlier in the day at the mere mention of the word “vet,” and I figured getting him in a calmer state would help him feel more relaxed during his veterinary exam. 

Upon receiving the treat, Rocky quickly gobbled it up. I didn’t notice much of a change in his demeanor at first and went about my day. But about a half hour later, I checked in with him and he started calmly following me around the house. He had stopped shaking. Then, he went to lie down in his bed. He was noticeably much calmer. He was relaxed in the car, and even when we clipped on his leash to lead him into the vet’s office.

A few days later, I wanted to test out the FOMO Bones CBD pet tincture. The directions indicate that it can be administered via the dropper straight into a dog’s mouth or added to his food. During dinner time, I squeezed one-third of the dropper into Rocky’s food bowl. This is the recommended daily dosage based on his weight. Sometimes he doesn’t like additives to his food; I have tried different supplements in the past and he will eat around them and even pick out the dog food kibbles that touched it and set them on the ground. That wasn’t the case with the FOMO Bones, however. Rocky ate all of his food, CBD oil and all. I noticed that after eating, he was much calmer than usual and was just relaxing in his bed. As a pet parent, I love when my pets feel calm and happy, so I’m glad he enjoyed his pet CBD.

Things We Like

  • The CBD dog treats by FOMO Bones were easier to administer than the CBD pet tincture. Going forward, I am more likely to stick to those, as all they require is handing your dog a treat. 
  • I definitely noticed a difference in Rocky after he took some FOMO Bones pet CBD. He was calmer and less anxious. It did take a bit for these effects to kick in. I’d say a half hour minimum to see results. 
  • I noticed that Rocky seemed to have an easier time getting around the house. I’m not sure if this is because the CBD made him calmer or the fact that it made it easier for his 12-year-old joints to tackle the stairs.

Things to Consider

  • The tincture version requires shaking the bottle, which I almost forgot to do, before serving. Then, getting the dosage right can be tricky. A few times, I realized I went past the one-third mark and had to empty the dropper back into the bottle and then refill it again.
  • Since going to the vet for Rocky’s checkup, we found out that he has hypothyroidism and needs to be on medication. I looked it up online and found that CBD may interfere with several types of medications in pets, thyroid medication included. Thus, it’s important to check with your vet before giving your pet CBD oil. It was fine for Rocky to have it when we gave it to him, as he wasn’t on medication yet. But going forward, I will probably keep him off pet CBD. Fortunately, I have a 71-pound Doberman with tons of energy who also really benefits from some relaxing CBD oil for dogs every now and then. She will likely be a repeat customer. 
  • The treats only come in one flavor. So if your pet isn’t a bacon and cheese fan, they might not like these. 
  • Before using pet CBD, it’s important to check with your veterinarian. Potential side effects may include lethargy, change in appetite, or diarrhea, though most dogs do not experience side effects (2). If your pet experiences any negative side effects, stop using the product immediately and call your vet.  

FOMO Bones Reviews: What They’re Saying

FOMO Bones dog treat bag

The company’s website says they have a 97 percent customer service rating and that their products come with a 100 percent money back guarantee. And glancing at the reviews, it’s apparent that FOMO Bones customers have had very positive experiences. Many customers reported that FOMO Bones helped to take the edge off whenever their dogs were feeling stressed. 

One pet owner uses FOMO Bones to help her dog feel calm before putting him in jackets to wear on cold days or during a stroll outdoors. Another said her rescue pup was skittish when they first got him home, but CBD pet treats have made a huge difference: “He’s a Yorkie, so he’s yapping at everything (like even air), but now he doesn’t. He’s still happy, not sleepy or anything, just more calm.”

Here are a few more helpful insights from FOMO Bones reviews:

“Our 8 1/2 year old Boxer has developed some anxiety when we are outside in the backyard in the evenings. She cries constantly and can’t seem to relax. Ellie has responded so well to the FOMO Bones that we can all relax. She doesn’t cry outside anymore and we can eat a relaxing meal on the patio.” —Lori

“Fomo Bones has brought back the bounce in Pixie’s 15-year-old step. Pixie has worked most of her life as a hospice nurse aid on my wife’s shifts for over 8 years. All the jumping up and down on patients beds to give them cuddles and comfort has played a major role in her shoulder arthritis and deterioration. Fomo Bones has brought back her loving smile… Thanks Fomo Bones.” —Frank

“FOMO Bones have completely changed our car rides—no more crying and panting and pacing. Bella’s separation stress peeing has basically stopped yet she is still her energetic Pit Bull self when it comes to running with me or playing.” —Ashley

FOMO Bones: Our Verdict

FOMO Bones happy dog getting a dog treat

Overall, I like the product, especially the FOMO Bones CBD dog treats. They were easy to administer and my dogs loved them. My dogs aren’t fans of having medications given directly into their mouths, but adding the tincture to their dog food worked out well, so that is also a good option.

I liked that the treats include more than just CBD, as ingredients like chamomile and valerian root are known for their calming properties (7). These ingredients are in supplements that I sometimes take before bed, so I know that they have a reputable track record. 

It was also nice that the dosage was pretty small, even for Lyla, my Doberman, who is a larger dog. Her serving size was two CBD soft chews for dogs per day. Some supplements that I’ve ordered want you to give larger dogs four or five treats. This makes me worry about my pups getting excessive calories, and I sometimes forget to give them the full amount. 

Going forward, I will probably default to the FOMO Bones CBD soft chews for dogs, but both the chews and tincture seemed to work well in my household.

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