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19 Luxury Dog Accessories for Posh Pups

Glamorous dog with sparkly collar
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If posh pups could buy gifts for themselves, they’d be stuffing their cyber shopping carts full of luxury dog accessories ranging from designer dining dishes and name-brand dog collars to high-end dog toys and bougie dog clothes. 

Upscale pet items and accessories have gone to the dogs, especially in a year when our beloved pups are helping us manage a pandemic. In exchange for the cuddles and kisses our pets provide year-round, we’ve rounded up a host of items to spoil your dog. Make their holidays extra special with these luxury dog accessories that will have them wagging their tails with joy. 

Doggy Dining Delights

Eating at home has become the new norm, so let your dog get in on the fun with an array of fancy, fun, and functional food bowls. Why let your dog simply eat his food when he can consume it in style thanks to these high-end bowls?!

GG Acanthus Leaf Collection Cream Ceramic and Cast Metal Pet Feeder

GG Acanthus Leaf Collection Cream Ceramic and Cast Metal Pet Feeder

Your dog is canine royalty, so allow them to eat and drink in upscale style. This vintage European double pet dish features a scrolled pattern to hold two dishes. From the Acanthus Leaf Collection, this intricately cast iron feeder blends perfectly into any home decor. The set sits lower to the ground making it the ideal selection for smaller dogs. Ceramic bowls are removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Bowsers Pet Products Artisan Fossil Single Feeder

Bowsers Pet Products Artisan Fossil Single Feeder

Why should your dog eat or drink from a regular bowl when she can indulge in this contemporary modular design from Bowsers Pet Products?! As functional as it is fashionable, this elevated feeder was designed with your dog’s health in mind. Elevated feeders help arthritic dogs from feeling discomfort during eating or drinking. 

Made of water-repellant rubberwood that wipes clean, it comes with anti-slip cushioned feet for tiled or wood surfaces. Dogs should be able to eat or drink without lowering their neck too far or stretching too much upward. This Artisan Fossil Single Feeder is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate dogs of every life stage and height. 

Bonus: The removable lead-free white ceramic bowl is dishwasher safe.

Savori Small Pink Dog Bowls Handmade Bling Rhinestones

Savori Small Pink Dog Bowls Handmade Bling Rhinestones

Go bling or go home, that’s the mantra of this pretty in pink crystal-encrusted dual dog dining set. Face it, some dogs are divas and they deserve to dine like princesses. Whether this piece winds up being the star of your kitchen or the centerpiece of your dog’s bedroom is completely your decision. Featuring two removable dishwasher-safe stainless-steel bowls, the base should be delicately hand washed (much like your darling diva). 

Bonus: Available in several styles and color options.

Designer Dog Collars

Keep your pup styling all year long with a designer dog collar that fits his or her distinct personality. These luxury dog accessories are stand-out statement pieces that also offer functionality and durability. 

Louis Vuitton Designer Dog Collar

Louis Vuitton dog collar

Why walk when you can strut? Dog collars and leashes are a staple in every canine’s must-have items, but this year it’s all about overindulgence. The Louis Vuitton Baxter dog collar is sure to turn some heads at the dog park. With its monogrammed canvas, natural leather backing, and golden brass pieces, turn up the glam with this chic dog collar. 

RN Design Turquoise Cabochons on Chocolate Leather Dog Collar

Turquoise Cabochons on Chocolate Leather Dog Collar

If the sticker shock of the Louis Vuitton dog collar is a bit much for your taste, consider this posh collar featuring cabochon studs imported from Europe. This exquisite piece is lovingly handcrafted in the USA with a focus on canines who deserve a rich, gemstone-encrusted collar. As the collar ages and wears, it will soften and take on a personality of its own. 

Be a trendsetter while supporting a small, woman-owned business as the collar fits small to larger-sized dogs without breaking the bank.

Cali Crystallized Soft Leather Dog Collar

Muttropolis Cali crystal dog collar

A dog collar is an easy way to add a pop of color to your dog’s wardrobe, but pair a colorful collar with gleaming crystals and the result is both blingy and bright. This crystallized soft leather dog collar with buckle closure is sure to take your pup’s look to the next level. Made with two-ply top-grain leather collar, this durable collar also stands out thanks to its metallic gold-color zinc alloy hardware. Available in five fresh colors, it also comes in a wide range of sizes to suit all dogs (2XS-2XL). Complete this designer look with a matching soft leather dog leash, and your pup will be the envy of the block.

Whaline Dog Pearl Collar with Hailing Cable Crystal Rhinestones

Whaline Dog Pearl Collar with Hailing Cable Crystal Rhinestones

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but these faux diamonds are much more budget-conscious without losing their luxurious sparkle. Made from synthetic leather and faux pearls, this collar is soft enough to feel good against her skin. Suitable for dressy occasions, photoshoots, social media videos, and everyday wear. Suitable for any smaller-sized dogs, it comes in three size ranges for Chihuahuas through Boston Terriers.

Palaces Fit For A Canine King and Queen

Posh pups don’t sleep, they slumber. And they deserve to snooze in the comfort of a high-end plush bed, palace, or both. Palaces are the new dog houses, after all. Let your dog have a socially distanced pajama party so each dog can pick out her favorite bed from our assortment of cozy comforts. 

Sentiments Original Calming Shag Donut Cuddler™ Pet Bed

Sentiments Original Calming Shag Donut Cuddler

When the alarm clock goes off, you won’t be the only one that doesn’t get out of bed. Dogs who slumber in this Original Calming Shag Donut Cuddler pet bed feel like they are snoozing on the coziest cloud. Filled with virgin AirLOFT fibers, you might be tempted to curl up with your dog to catch a few extra winks. 

Whether your darling is a Mini Doberman or a mighty Great Dane, there’s a Cuddler bed for every size. Bonus points for the water and dirt-resistant bottom as you toss this bed from room to room. When it’s time to launder, simply toss it in the machine and tumble dry.

Glamping in Style

tipi dog bed

Small dogs will really love the privacy and style of this tipi-inspired dog bed. Made of ultra-soft micro plush fabric, this luxury dog bed is cozy and comfy for those dogs that dream of glamping in the great outdoors. Plus, the bed cushion is removable and easy to clean by simply tossing it in the washing machine. And don’t you just love the plaid entry curtains? An adorable touch! 

Tov Furniture Yorkshire Collection Handmade Button Tufted Pet Bed

Tov Furniture Yorkshire Collection Handmade Button Tufted Pet Bed

A beautiful dog deserves a beautiful, functional pet sofa that adds a touch of style to any pet lover’s home. Featuring button tufting, nailhead trim, and soft velvet upholstery, she may never want to leave the comfort of her own sofa. The legs are made with PVC material for extra stability and support. Best of all, it arrives fully assigned so your darling doggo can enjoy the comforts of home right away.

PupRug Faux Animal Print Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

Zebra print luxury dog bed

Step up your level of canine overindulgence with this contemporary, innovative design that looks elegant and exotic but is ripe with superior comfort. This isn’t your grandma’s designer dog bed, as it looks like an area rug but is filled with pressure-relieving memory foam. For dogs with joint or mobility issues, it is completely accessible and designed for long-lasting wear and tear. Wash the faux fur cover in cold water on the gentle cycle and hang to dry. 

The only dilemma you’ll have is deciding if you want the cheetah, polar bear, or zebra pattern. 

Tech Talk 

People work from home, and now dogs can go high-tech, too. Dogs have seen us through quarantine, so of course they need their own digital devices. 

Talk Puppy To Me

Petcube pet camera

The PetCube Play 2 Wi-Fi allows pet parents to monitor dogs any time of day or night through their phone. Thanks to the two-way audio, you can both hear and speak to your dog while away or in another room. The 4-microphone array and improved speaker bar means sound is much better. Alexa has gone to the dogs, as the AI technology is built into the PetCube Play 2 Wi-Fi. Play music, answer questions, and even order your pet’s favorite treats. 

Furbo Dog Camera With Treat Tossing

Furbo treat dispensing dog camera

All good boys and girls deserve a treat, but what if you aren’t around when they deserve one? Fill the Furbo Dog Camera with over 100 pieces of your dog’s favorite treats and play a game of catch from another room or another city. Featuring livestream video to monitor your dog with a 160-degree angle and 4x zoom, you’ll never miss a furry beat. Be alerted of emergencies in real time in the event your dog is in danger. Get to know your dog’s patterns when separated from you and if your pooch is facing the camera (think perfect selfies). The Furbo is also compatible with Alexa. 

Escape Artist Protection

SportDOG TEK GPS tracking system

Some dogs are escape artists and others like to explore. Never worry again where your dog is with the SportDOG TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking and E-Collar System. We swoon for this collar that combines GPS tracking with e-collar training. The GPS is waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet, so have fun playing in the rain with your pooch. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries enable the collar to stay charged for 24 hours and the handheld for 12. Comes with everything a dog parent needs to get started for peace of mind. 

Luxury Dog Couture and Toys

Bark is the new black, and dogs are owning the catwalk. Dog parents who have a passion for fashion swoon for chic canine couture. These dog clothes can be fashionable and functional but sometimes it’s all about the glam. 

Dog Diggin Designs Brown Chewy Vuitton Monogram Dog Bone Toy

Chewy Vuitton Monogram Dog Bone Toy

Imagine the look on your furry darling’s face when you gift her with a designer bone of her own. Elegance meets refinement—or is that “ruff-inement”—in this Chewy Vuitton dog bone toy. This plush bone oozes high society with a fun squeaker and emblematic logos. Available in small and large, you’ll be tempted to toss one in your own designer bag. #NoJudgmentZone

Flamenco Fido

Flamenco rose dog dress

From the fashion house of Roxy & Lulu comes this ready-to-tango premium dress for dogs of all ages. Luxury dog clothes are completely on trend, so this dress will fit perfectly in her canine closet. The premium black velvet bodice flows into a red satin ruffle with a perfectly applied 3D embellished rose peplum. The small black satin bow finishes the look with a crystal stone at the center. A Paris motif lining provides a breathtaking contrast. Comes with a crystal applique necklace featuring a black satin bow and rhinestone with gold heart pendant. This dress will take your darling diva through the holidays, into Valentine’s Day, for photo shoots, weddings, and more. 

Fitwarm Vintage Polka Dot Dog Dress

Fitwarm Vintage Polka Dot Dog Dress

Polka dots never go out of style, and neither does your dog’s fashion sense. Made of 100 percent polyester, this classic design is ideal for holidays, parties, formal occasions, and everyday social media fun. Cut higher in the belly for potty breaks, this pullover design is easy to put on your smaller pup. The turtle neck adds a final high-end touch that is sure to make heads turn at the dog park.

The Worthy Dog ® London Dog Raincoat

The Worthy Dog London Dog Raincoat

When it pours, your dog reigns in this lightweight rain jacket from The Worthy Dog. Don’t let the wet weather define your pooch. She’ll make a splash in this comfortable, functional, on-trend plaid design that’s sure to turn heads at the dog park. Peek-a-boo pocket on the back of the raincoat allows dogs to carry their own waste bags, snacks, or business cards. The covered harness hole makes it easy to walk your dog in style on rainy days.

Haute Diggity Pink Barkin Bag Dog Toy

Haute Diggity Pink Barkin Bag Dog Toy

She works hard for the money, honey. She’s got it, so why not flaunt it with the Haute Diggity Dog pink plush dog toy that looks like a high-end Birkin bag. One side reads “Rich Bitch,” and makes a totes adorbs prop to use in TikTok videos and Instagram Reels. She may want to curl up and rest her shopping-weary head on this cozy design.

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