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Diggs Revol Dog Crate Review: Next-Level Design, Safety, and Comfort

Diggs dog crate
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I’ve never had a dog who used a crate until now. My Aussie Shepherd service dog of 12 years would have done anything for me, but he wouldn’t voluntarily go into a crate. However, we recently adopted two pups who regularly spent time in crates before they joined our household. We wanted to keep them acclimated to a crate but help them form a more positive association with using one. Our Pekapug Miss Pearl had lived her previous life in a crate at an Asian meat market, and our Dachshund-mix Jean-Luc didn’t seem thrilled about crates. We quickly realized our old crate was not super comfortable or conducive for travel. So we wanted to give Miss Pearl and Jean-Luc a much-deserved upgrade and an overall good experience. Enter the Diggs Revol dog crate, an attractive, collapsible, modern alternative to traditional dog crates.

Here is a closer look at the Revol—and how our pups reacted to their new digs.

What Is Diggs? 

Diggs crate empty

Diggs is a premium pet product company that is best known for its award-winning Revol dog crate. They also sell a crate training lick tool called Groov and an orthopedic dog crate pad called Snooz. Their mission to “improve the safety, happiness and health of pets through thoughtful design and innovation” sounds great. But if you’re wondering, like I was, what that really means and just how much anyone can improve on a basic crate, the answers might surprise you. 

The design of the Revol crate was inspired by the incredibly stringent safety standards of the baby product industry. So it’s loaded with features designed to keep our most precious family members safe and sound, like innovative diamond-shaped mesh that is safer than standard wire bars. The Revol, crate is also beautifully and thoughtfully designed, which makes it a lot more attractive to both people and their pups.

Before our Revol dog crate arrived, I was pleased to discover that Diggs’ dedication to responsible design was apparent even on their website. Diggs offers a great number of resources, from product manuals to how-to videos to ebooks, like the The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Your First Puppy. Every aspect of their crates is explained and illustrated in multiple languages. The site also features a brief quiz to help you find the right size crate for your pup.

Diggs Dog Crate Features

Diggs crate set up

Once we received the crate, I was immediately pleased. There were easy-to-follow instructions included in the crate, but I didn’t need them. The design of the Revol dog crate is extremely intuitive. Setup took all of two seconds—just lift the sides and ceiling up and turn the handle to lock it into place. 

The Diggs Revol dog crate is available in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and three colors (grey, ash, and charcoal). I chose a small crate in grey, which blends into most surroundings. It’s not an eyesore like traditional wire dog crates, and the solid modern frame makes it look more like a piece of furniture. Looking at the crate, it’s clear that it was designed for comfort and safety. Standout features include:

  • Diamond-shaped wire mesh and a solid, single-piece frame to help prevent dog paw and jaw injuries
  • Multiple access points: a front door, a garage-style side door, and a ceiling hatch
  • Removable tray for easy cleanup
  • Divider for growing puppies
  • One-hand raising/collapsing
  • Carrying handle and wheels for easy transport

Putting the Diggs Revol Dog Crate to the Test

Our youngest pup, Jean-Luc, is generally willing to go inside a crate, but he never really seemed to enjoy it. The advantage of the Revol dog crate is that you can open the garage-style side door, making it feel less like a crate and more like a comfy cave. I kept the side door open, and in a short amount of time, this crate became the first one that Jean-Luc voluntarily walked into to take a nap. In fact, it has become the most popular spot in the house. I did not realize how much the pups took to the Diggs dog crate until I turned on the vacuum cleaner. It suddenly became their safe space!

Jean-Luc and Miss Pearl didn’t need more coaxing to use this crate, but the Groov Training Aid lick tool was like a doggy magnet. First, you spread a healthy treat, such as a smooth nut butter, onto the treat container. Next, you hold the Groov by the handle, slide it into the diamond mesh, and turn it to lock into place. Then, sit back and watch as your pup walks right in for a treat and some hang time in their favorite new spot.

Perhaps the pups’ favorite aspect of the crate is another Diggs product, the Snooz Crate Pad. They now nap inside their crate atop this cushy, memory foam pad more than they snooze anywhere else during the day.

Dog taking a nap on the Snooz

There is one notable drawback to the Diggs dog crate, and that’s price. All of the features, modern design, and sturdiness will cost significantly more than other crates of similar size. The smallest Revol dog crate costs $245, while the largest/most expensive one costs $675. That being said, I find the higher price point more than worth the peace of mind that Revol was designed with safety in mind first and my pups finally want to use a crate. Of course, you have to consider if your bank account can handle it, especially if you need a larger size crate. It’s also worth noting that the Groov training aid and Snooz crate pad are sold separately, which adds to the overall cost. 

Diggs Crate Reviews: What They’re Saying

Most of the user reviews focus on common positives—the ease of setup and collapsibility, the multiple doors, sturdiness and safety for the dog, and a better-looking design than most dog crates. Here’s what customers are saying:


“One of our favorite features of the Revol crate is the versatility of the doors/openings. There’s a front door like your typical crate, but the top also has an opening flap for easy treating, and the side slides all the way up kind of like a garage.” —@hellorubydoodle

“The crate is easy to open and close, easy to move from room to room, and so comfortable for my puppy. It also looks good in my living room, which I appreciate! —Catherine K.

“Our puppy quickly adjusted to her crate. We used the puppy divider and placed a soft blanket and stuffed animal puppy with her in the crate.  Her crate has become a safe and cozy spot for her.” —Anna M.


“The boys got a little makeover to their room and we’ve updated their crates to the Revol Dog Crates by @diggspet. I love their stylish look, they’re fully collapsible so it’s very easy to set up and perfect for road trips.” —@ollieandbutler

“This is by far the easiest and prettiest crate I have ever seen and used! I especially love the simplicity of how it folds. Very easy to transport as well. Highly recommend! —Natasha G.

“I bought the first one for our fur baby when she was a baby and it worked very well for her as she started to grow thanks to the puppy divider.  She loves her home-within-a-home so much, we bought another one for our vacation place! No deserving puppy should be without one—anywhere!” —Barbara C.


“It’s obvious to me that Sunny feels safe in her crate as it calms her down when she’s over aroused and she often opts to go in on her own while I work from home.” —@sunnysbestlife

“The crate is aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean up when accidents happen, and our pup seems to enjoy it more than her original crate. We are very pleased with it! —Kelly R.

Diggs Revol Dog Crate: Our Verdict

Dog crate review final thoughts

Our ultimate verdict aligns with what many happy Diggs customers are saying: The Revol dog crate is sturdy, safe, blends in with your décor, and is extremely inviting, even to dogs who are hesitant to use crates. The only drawback is the hefty price tag, although I personally find a dog who is happy and willing to use a crate to be worth the price. I put my Revol dog crate under my desk, so Jean-Luc can sit next to me (and judge me) all day.

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