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Moderno crate
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If you’ve ever lived with a puppy, then you’ve probably also made room in your home for one of the most important pieces of training equipment: a crate. Used as a way to speed the potty training process, keep your dog safe when you’re not available to supervise, as well as a place to hang out when your pup needs to take a break, the crate is a necessity for all new puppy parents.

Unfortunately, this training tool comes with a few aesthetic drawbacks: they’re cumbersome and, to put it plainly, not at all cute. Pet parents who want to keep their home looking stylish usually wind up trying to figure out how to make an oversized plastic or wire crate fit in with their décor and failing miserably. Utility-style training crates serve a purpose during the early stages of potty and chew training since they’re built for your pup’s safety, but as pups mature into dogs just looking for a hangout spot, these eyesores might not seem worth it. Thankfully, fashion has finally caught up with function, and pet parents have plenty of cute dog crate choices that could double as high-end furniture, like the sleek, contemporary Moderno Dog Crate. These fashion-forward pieces of dog crate furniture are standouts for merging great design with safe snoozing.

What is Dog Crate Furniture?

Omlet Fido Studio Dog Crate

Since crates are meant to be a haven for puppies, it makes sense that the ones used for training are all about utility. Both wire crates and plastic airplane-style crates are designed to be sturdy, easy to clean, and deter chewing or digging through the material. These types of crates are the safest choice during early puppyhood and adolescence, when dogs are more likely to test the limits of their environments. However, as dogs mature and mellow, the options for your pup’s hangout spot open up. Once your dog understands the ins and outs of both potty training and chew training, you can consider a crate with a focus on aesthetic appeal.

Simply put, dog crate furniture is a safe space for your dog to use as a hangout that is attractive enough to pull double duty as a functional piece of décor, like a credenza or end table. Since mature dogs understand what they can and can’t chew, you’ll find more variety in the types of materials used in furniture-style dog crates, like different types of wood, mesh, and metal. Dog crate furniture is a great choice for pet parents that want to provide a comfortable hangout spot for their adult dog but don’t want to sacrifice style.

Dog Crate Furniture: What to Look For

Moderno Dog Crate

Safety: Even if your dog is completely trustworthy when crated, safety is still a top priority when considering a furniture-style dog crate. Dog crate furniture should be constructed so that it’s sturdy enough to contain your dog without wobbling or shifting and doesn’t have parts that could pinch paws or tails. 

Second, consider the crate’s airflow. While decorative dog crates are designed to look like sturdy furniture, they should still have proper ventilation to keep your dog from overheating inside. Avoid dog crate furniture that only has a single open window/picket area, which can restrict air flow and make the interior musty. And keep in mind that crates that limit your dog’s visibility, like those with half solid barn door-style walls, might make your dog less likely to want to relax inside.  

Sizing: Like training crates, getting the right size furniture-style dog crate is critical for your dog’s comfort. The crate should be big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. While training crates should be sized without extra space to prevent pottying in one area and sleeping in the other, your mature pup is potty trained so you can give them more room to get comfy in dog crate furniture.  

Upkeep: You want your pooch’s hang out space to stay tidy, so consider how easy it will be to clean the crate. Furniture-style dog crates that have narrow doorways might be challenging to vacuum or dust. And since most furniture-style dog crates are made of wood or wood composite, cleanup can be challenging if your dog has an accident.

Bedding: Most furniture-style dog crates are hard on the bottom, so make sure that you can fit in bedding for your dog that can be removed and cleaned.

Potential drawbacks: Finally, your decorative dog crate might have a few inherent disadvantages, like the ease of set-up and take down. (And some assemblies can be challenging!) These types of crates are meant to be incorporated into your home as furniture, so once they’re set up, they likely need to be anchored in that spot. Similarly, these types of containment systems don’t have flexibility of sizing like wire crates that can be fitted with an adjustable insert. Take care when measuring to ensure your dog will have enough room to be comfortable inside. 

Because these double-duty pieces are basically furniture, they can range from hundreds of dollars and up, so consider a decorative dog crate an investment for both your pet and your home. 

How We Ranked Our Furniture-Style Dog Crates

As a dog trainer with over 20 years’ experience going into my clients’ homes to work with their pups in their own environment, as well as a former pet products store owner, I’m well acquainted with the importance of finding the right type of crate. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the totally inappropriate, which is why I’m here to help you find the best option for your furry best friend!

My primary hands-on exposure to “fancy dog crates” is with crates similar to the ones listed, as well as the hands-on use of the Moderno dog crate. My two small dogs have both had the opportunity to try it out and gave it their wags of approval as well! I selected the remaining winners based on feedback from clients using similar crate types as well as user reviews. 

While this isn’t an exhaustive list—there are other stylish and functional options available!—the following dog crate furniture selections are readily available in popular online stores.

Best Furniture Style Dog Crate: Overall Winner

Our pick: Bowsers Pet Products Moderno Dog Crate

Moderno crate

The Moderno Dog Crate is the perfect mix of sleek, architectural style and functionality. With clean lines and a neutral steel gray color that can blend into any home style, this crate manages to look good and provide the perfect comfy resting spot for your pooch. The stainless steel bars allow for plenty of airflow, while the solid top is a great perch for dog necessities, or your own!


  • Three sizes and able to accommodate larger dogs 
  • Two access points means it can be situated in a variety of spots in the home
  • Contemporary design
  • Crate mattress (sold separately) fits perfectly inside for extra comfort
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Easy to clean 

Things to Consider

  • Assembly takes time
  • The lock might not stand up to Houdini dogs
  • This statement piece might not fit all budgets

Sample buyer review: “It took about 45 minutes to put together but it’s beautiful once together. The XL is a perfect fit for our 95 pound Tree Walking Coonhound.” — Jenni B

Best Collapsible Dog Crate Furniture

Our pick: Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Diggs Revol Dog Crate is designed to be “as easy to use as it is on the eyes,” and it delivers. This attractive, collapsible dog crate will fit naturally into your home decor, whether it’s by your bedside or next to the living room couch. But unlike most furniture style dog crates, this one is simple to collapse, transport, and store. Choose from grey, ash, or charcoal colors. The Snooz orthopedic dog crate pad (sold separately) adds even more style and comfort to the equation.


  • Design inspired by baby industry quality standards
  • Diamond-shaped mesh pattern and solid, single-piece frame helps prevent injuries to jaws and paws
  • Comes with a puppy divider and removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Features a one-hand raising/collapsing feature, ceiling hatch for easy access, and ergonomic, easy-to-use doors
  • Equipped with carrying handle and wheels
  • Available in three sizes (S, M, L) and three colors (Grey, Ash, and Charcoal)
  • Made of toxin-free materials that don’t rust 

Things to Consider

  • Ash and Charcoal colors cost slightly more than Grey
  • Their “Intermediate” crate size is not currently available
  • Snooz orthopedic dog crate pad sold separately (available in grey, blue, and dark grey)
  • The Groov crate training tool is also an add-on

Sample buyer review: “We love this crate so much that we bought another one for our newest puppy. It is pleasing to look at, Cosmo is very comfortable in it, and the best part is how quiet it is to open and close. We also have the Groov tool that we used to train him to love his crate, which he does. New puppy comes in a couple weeks and we know he will love his Diggs crate too.” —Tina H.

Best Corner Dog Crate Furniture

Our pick: Omlet Fido Studio Dog Crate

Omlet studio crate

This elegant, modern dog crate offers the best of both worlds: a traditional wire crate configuration with attached storage space and a functional top. The crate’s clean lines are a fit for pet parents with an eye toward contemporary design, but the simplicity of this standout dog crate furniture piece means it can also fit with a variety of décors. The two doors make the Omlet dog crate a great option for pet parents trying to conserve space by placing their dog’s crate in a corner.


  • Similar to a traditional wire crate
  • Two doors for added accessibility
  • Strong, two-part locking mechanism
  • Plastic tray bottom to collect accidental messes
  • Customizable storage area for all of your pup’s necessities
  • Easy to clean

Things to Consider

  • One end of the crate is solid
  • Not suited for bigger breeds
  • Assembly can be challenging

Sample buyer review: “I purchased this crate for my daughter’s little dog (weight 7lbs). It is the perfect size for him, very cozy. She also needed a space to put her TV, so the top is perfect. Definitely multi-purpose and multi-functional. I would highly recommend.” —Andrea

Best Wooden Dog Crate Furniture

Our pick: Unipaws Furniture-Style Crate

Unipaws dog crate

This elegant crate combines the beauty of a high-end console table with the utility of a traditional wire crate. The lattice edging elevates the crate’s clean lines. With two sizes in either espresso brown or white, it’s a great fit for a variety of home styles.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Double-door design with a customizable panel that can be installed at either end
  • One side opens completely making it easy to clean
  • Cushion included with purchase
  • Crate top can support 200 pounds

Things to Consider

  • The decorative lattice design is only on three of the four sides, which might limit placement
  • The latches can be tricky to install
  • The luxury look comes with a higher price tag

Sample buyer review: “This is a wonderful crate. It is really sturdy and perfect size for our 17lb schnauzer poodle mix. The mat that it comes with is great and our pup actually chooses to lay there when we leave the front doors of it open. It is really nice to have the double doors on the front as well as the door on the end if you are using it as an end table. This was a great purchase and our pup is happy, too.” —Jillie

Best Dog Crate End Table 

Our pick: Birdrock Home Decorative Dog Kennel

Birdrock dog crate

An end table has to fit into the tight space next to a couch or side chair, which is why this smaller dog crate is the perfect pick for the job. The stained espresso wood means that this kennel can easily do double duty as a functional piece of family room furniture, ready for your coffee and stack of books, and be your dog’s favorite nap spot.


  • Excellent air flow
  • Two access points
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple assembly
  • Cushion included with purchase

Things to Consider

  • Only suited for small to medium-sized dogs
  • One color option
  • Some customer complaints about the quality of wood
  • Potential issues with pieces fitting together

Sample buyer review: “I love this kennel. It is really attractive in my home compared to the wire kennel. It was very easy to assemble, did it myself in about 20 min (because I’m slow). I love the double doors which allow for easy cleaning. I have a Boston Terrier and it is the perfect size for him. Very study.” —Joe

Best Dog Crate Credenza

Our pick: Frisco Denver Dog Crate

Frisco Denver dog crate

This modern farmhouse piece is the most unique option on the list due to its longer, rectangular shape and wire mesh panels instead of bars. At 55” long, this industrial country-style decorative dog crate has plenty of room for small- to medium-sized dogs to stretch out. Because this attractive two-toned wood statement piece can support 150 pounds, it can also double as a media center. 


  • Two secure locks on top and bottom of door
  • Top can be removed for a “playpen” style containment system
  • Two crate mats included with purchase
  • Simple assembly

Things to Consider

  • Not suitable for larger dogs
  • Wire mesh might collect shed fur
  • Only one access point makes cleaning more difficult
  • This statement piece might not fit all budgets

Sample buyer review: “Easy to put together, great look and functionality. My mini schnauzers have a stylish and comfy hangout when they need to be crated.” —Pup Mom

Best Large Dog Crate Furniture

Our pick: Merry Products 2-in-1 Crate

Merry Products dog crate

It’s easy to find fancy dog crates for petite pups, but pet parents with larger dogs have a tougher time since there aren’t as many sturdy yet attractive options in big sizes. But this category winner manages to merge good looks, functionality, and the option to use it as a freestanding gate. The Merry 2-in-1 integrates seamlessly with any décor with a traditional wire crate design, attractive wood accents and a sturdy top for necessities, making it an attractive option for bigger breeds.


  • Open airflow
  • Plastic bottom tray for easy cleaning
  • No tools needed for set-up
  • Removable top for “playpen” option
  • Multi use as crate or gate
  • Easy to take down or convert

Things to Consider

  • Only one door
  • The lid doesn’t have a locking mechanism to keep it in place
  • Bars aren’t sturdy

Sample review: “My Pitbull is 60 pounds, enough room to stand and lay and walk in a circle. Easy assemble, no more than 15 minutes to insert pins for frame. For a calm dog.” —D