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The Best Cat Treats of 2022

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All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author. However, Great Pet Care may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Like most things in life, not all cat treats are created equal. So how do you know which is the right one for your feline friend? Like all other food your cat eats, you need to consider the ingredients and nutrient content of the treats you give him.

To make things easier for you, we’ve curated a list of our 6 favorite cat treats—ranging from the best dental treats for cats to our top treat picks for kittens. These ratings are based on a combination of customer reviews, quality ingredients, and price.

Whether your cat is young, old, a picky eater or simply loves a soft and chewy treat, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our list below.


Best Cat Kibble Topper

Our pick: Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes 

Is your cat a picky eater? Or maybe they just love a little gourmet twist on top of their kibble? Either way, adding a kibble topper to your cat’s meal is a sure-fire way to get your cat to eat up their meal, allowing you to know they are getting the nutrients they need and for them to feel satisfied. We choose Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes as the best treat to sprinkle over your furry friend’s kibble. (It doesn’t hurt that it has the coolest name, either!)

  • Single Protein Source. 100% dried bonito is the only ingredient and it’s high in protein to help promote and maintain lean muscles. 
  • Includes Essential Taurine. These flakes have naturally occurring taurine — an essential nutrient for overall cat health that helps prevent eye maladies. 
  • Great for Allergies. Since dried bonito is the only ingredient in these treats, it makes them a great option for any cats with sensitivities or allergies. You won’t find gluten, soy, corn, or dairy on the ingredient list. 
  • Promotes a Shiny and Healthy Coat. The naturally occurring fish oils from the dried bonito help to give your cat a healthy shiny coat. 

Sample buyer reviewMy 3 cats fight over who gets the most when I feed them these all-natural bonito flakes. My little girl has become very vocal and bugs me all the time to sneak her a few flakes but as soon as I open the bag her brothers come running. Even if they are upstairs. I thought I had found a treat they would all like but Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes have turned my cats into kitty monsters. The best cat treat available on the market today.” 

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Best Soft & Chewy Cat Treats

Our pick: Inaba Ciao Grain-Free Grilled Tuna Fillet Extra Tender in Tuna Flavored Broth

Some cats won’t even look at a treat if it isn’t chewy or tender. This can be frustrating for cat parents who are just trying to make sure their pet is getting all the nutrients they need, (and maybe even wanting to spoil them a bit!) We searched and found that Inaba Ciao Grain-Free Grilled Tuna Fillet Extra Tender in Tuna Flavored Broth is the best choice when it comes to finding a treat that is both chewy and tender, so you can spoil your little one and also know that they are staying healthy. 

  • Hydrating. These treats are made with squid-flavored broth which helps give your cat extra hydration, helping support their overall health and well-being. 
  • Essential Nutrients. Each tuna filet is enhanced with Vitamin E to make sure your cat is getting all of their necessary nutrients. 
  • Clean Ingredients. Free from grain, artificial flavors, and preservatives, you can be relaxed knowing you’re feeding your cat real food. 
  • Delicious. These treats are actual real tuna fillets and contain no fake meat, meaning your cat will go absolutely wild for the flavor.

Sample buyer reviewMy cats will claw up my legs and torso to reach these if I am holding them. I have never in my life seen them so excited for a food item. I highly recommend the tuna in the tuna broth. If you ever were unsure if you had a mute cat, this is the test.” 

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Best Dental Treat for Cats

Our pick: C.E.T. Intellident Cat Bites by Virbac

C.E.T. Intellident Cat Chews

It is very important to make sure your cat’s oral hygiene is taken care of, as having healthy gums and teeth can make a huge difference in your cat’s overall health. While this may seem like a daunting task, an easy way to regularly maintain your cat’s dental health is by giving them dental treats. We love the C.E.T. Intellident Cat Bites by Virbac. These tasty chews offer three major benefits—they clean teeth, freshen breath, and support gum health. 

  • Designed for Dental Health. These treats were specifically formulated to help clean teeth, freshen your cat’s breath, and support gum health. This 3-in-1 solution makes dental care easy.  
  • Reduce Plaque Buildup. These treats are specially designed to work with a cat’s natural chewing instincts to reduce tartar and plaque, keeping teeth and gums healthy.
  • Loved by Cats. Cats love the crunchy bits in these treats, and they also can’t resist the delicious chicken flavor.
  • Great for All Sizes. These treats are the perfect snack for cats of all sizes. Plus, they are only 8 calories each, so felines can feel good about snacking.

Sample buyer reviewAfter about 3 weeks of adding 3 treats per day, sparkling clean teeth, fresh breath and no sign of any plaque whatsoever. Right after I wake up in the morning they both run into the kitchen to get their first treat of the day. I’m also very happy that I don’t need to worry about veterinary dental cleanings anymore.” 

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Best Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

Our pick: PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Treats

When it comes to freshness, pure ingredients, and delicious taste, freeze-dried cat treats are an excellent type of treat for your cat. PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Treats is our favorite choice when it comes to the best freeze-dried treats, and we are sure your cat will agree with us on this one. 

  • High in Protein and Low in Calories. Each treat is high in protein and averages around only 2 calories, helping keep your cat lean and strong. 
  • Single Ingredient Goodness. These treats are made with 100% pure USA sourced raw chicken breast as the single ingredient, making them as pure as treats can get.
  • Great for Restricted Diets. Because there is only one ingredient in these treats, you don’t have to worry about additives like grains, soy, corn, and preservatives. This makes PureBites a great option for any cats with a sensitive stomach, allergies, or who are on a restricted diet due to being overweight or having diabetes. 
  • Fresh and Delicious. PureBites freeze-dries each treat at its point of peak freshness so that the aroma and texture are locked in, making them absolutely irresistible to cats.

Sample buyer reviewThis is a healthy treat that’s high in protein, low in calories… and my cat loves them! From one room away, he can now hear the sound of me handling the bag and comes running.” 

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Best Treats for Kittens

Our pick: Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Crunchies Natural Grain Free Savory Salmon Kitten Treats

If you have a kitten, it’s important to give them treats that are formulated for their unique needs. Kittens need to have smaller treats that are easier to chew, and they also require different nutrients than their older peers. Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Crunchies Natural Grain Free Savory Salmon Treats are perfect treats that are specifically made for the needs of your little one. 

  • Real Salmon. Made with real salmon, these treats are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein helping give your kitten sustainable energy and a nutrient boost. 
  • Crunchy Texture. These treats are designed to be chewable and to have the perfect texture for your kitten’s growing teeth. 
  • Low in Calories. Each treat is under 2 calories, making them a guilt-free way to build love and bond with your kitten. 
  • Great for Allergies. When looking at the ingredient list you won’t find any corn, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors, so even your kitten with a sensitive tummy can still enjoy these delicious treats. 

Sample buyer reviewI read a lot about kitten treats and what to give them and these are the only ones I trust until they are one or older! They go crazy for them!!” 

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Best Treats for Senior Cats

Our pick: Hartz Delectables Bisque Senior 15+ Tuna & Chicken Lickable Cat Treat

Older cats can have a harder time when they are consuming treats that they enjoyed in their younger years. Most treats are too chewy or crunchy for them, and sometimes the treats aren’t giving the proper nutrients that senior cats could be benefiting from. This is why it is important to find a treat that is formulated specifically for senior cats as your cat begins to age. We choose Hartz Delectables Bisque Senior 15+ Tuna & Chicken Lickable Cat Treat as the best treat option for senior cats. 

  • Easy to eat. Each packet of Delectables Bisque Senior 15+ Tuna & Chicken Lickable Cat Treat is a blended puree that your older cat will have no trouble to lick up, while still enjoying and savoring the goodness of having a treat. 
  • Made with Prebiotics. These treats are formulated with prebiotics to help with your senior cat’s digestion and to support their kidneys. 
  • Essential Nutrients and Vitamins. Infused with B vitamins, vitamin E, and potassium, you can rest easy knowing your cat is getting the necessary vitamins they need to stay healthy as they continue to age. 

Sample buyer reviewA year ago our 18 year mainecoon was wasting away and seemed like she wouldn’t be with us much longer. We tried wet foods and she wasn’t interested. Then we discovered bisque! She is now 19 and doing much better now. We give her two bisque packets a day as well as her regular food. It’s the highlight of her day and she will yell at everyone when she thinks it’s time for bisque. Highly recommended!” 

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Whatever the specific needs of your cat may be, we hope our list of the 6 Best Cat Treats of 2020 has helped you narrow down the best options and that you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to nutrition and flavor. 

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